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Top Fifteen Albums of the Year - Part Two

Welcome back to Folk Horror's top fifteen albums of the year. So without holding you up anymore than we already ready have, here are our top five albums of 2020. For fifteen to six please have a look over at this post.

Number Five - My Mind is a Garden - Bethany Spalding

© Bethany Spalding

I came across this album by chance when I was looking on Bandcamp for something else, all I can say is I’m so very glad I did. This is a peacefully beautiful and moving album which will cleanse your mind of all your troubles, leaving you feeling refreshed.

An interwoven tapestry of peace, beauty and warmth, My Mind is a Garden is without fail one of the best albums I’ve heard this year and in turn Bethany Spalding, one of the best new artists on the Folk scene in years.

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Number Four - Letter to You - Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band

© Bruce Springsteen

Yet again we are gifted another amazing album from the Boss. His folk-rock always hits the right spot emotionally and always feels like he is talking directly to the listener.

No matter your mood, the Boss has your back, you owe it to yourself to check out this album if you haven’t already.

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Number Three - Old Flowers - Courtney Marie Andrews

© Courtney Marie Andrews

My favourite singer/songwriter together with Bruce Springsteen (hmm…duet possible?), Courtney Marie Andrews is never far from my ears. Every day I listen to at least one of her albums no matter what mood holds me.

Old Flowers is in my opinion the Phoenix native’s greatest body of work. As I wrote in my review, this album cements Courtney’s identity as one of the leading Country singer/songwriters ever to put their music out to the world.

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Before we get to the top two please note, I don’t like throwing the word 'masterpiece' around like there's no tomorrow, which seems to be the norm in today’s world, I guess it beats everything being ‘epic’.

I personally believe a masterpiece is a truly rare, unique, awe inspiring piece of art that is normally a once in a lifetime thing.

The reason I write this is, I wholeheartedly believe that the next two albums are without a doubt masterpieces of their genre. The fact that two have come along in one year is a testament to how messed up the year 2020 really is!

One last thing, it took hours of debating with myself (which is never a healthy thing) about which one goes where, so before I change my mind again, here are my top two albums of 2020 (also 2 of my top 10 favourite albums of all times).

Number Two - Spider Tales - Jake Blount

© Jake Blount

Jake Blount is an amazing artist, I just wanted to get that out there right at the start. Spider Tales is an album I’ve been trying to review since it was released back in May, but every time I put it on to review, I end up sitting back, closing my eyes and playing it on repeat for hours.

An exploration of American Roots music from its origins to its place in the world today, Spider Tales is incredible; totally alien to me in terms of cultural familiarities, yet so comforting in the way Jake Blount with a genuine love and understanding of his music, presents it.

If you haven’t heard this album yet, then you are missing out on a uniquely rare masterpiece, I really can’t overstate that. Oh, and yes, I put it on while writing this short piece and listened to it twice over before remembering I’m meant to be doing this list.

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Number One - The Perfect Plan - The Lowest Pair

© The Lowest Pair

Here is a fact for you, this is my third favourite album of all times, why you ask? Well because Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, have released a modern American Roots album like no other I’ve ever heard.

It’s that perfect dream just on the edge of your imagination, the one that comes out now and then to show you a far-off world. One shrouded in mist and filled with strange indescribable awe-inspiring vistas, before vanishing back into the darkest corners of your mind from whence it came.

An alien world I thought I knew, only to realise I haven’t even scratched the surface. The Lowest Pair take us to a part of the world only those born there will ever truly know, yet, welcoming enough for us to try and learn.

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