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Ten Recommend - Bandcamp Picks - Part Two

Welcome to week two of my Bandcamp picks, you can check out week one here.

Bandcamp are doing another two Fridays, where, they are waiving their fees for any sales on an artists page. So, every Monday until then, I will put together ten of my favourite artists, in the hope to inspire you to check them out. They're in no particular order, just click on their image to go directly to their Bandcamp store.

Dates for the Fee Free Fridays are 5th June & 3rd July

The Longest Johns

Not only do these talented musicians do some great classics but they also write their own, Sea shanties. We need more bands doing Sea Shanties.

From their Website:

“I doubt any of Bristol's The Longest Johns ever imagined they would be able to get so far on just four voices.
In a few short years they have gone from singing sea shanties in a kitchen to International folk festivals, tours, TV appearances and gained a huge online following.
With their third studio album being released in the summer of 2020, they will be bringing a new mix of instruments and putting their unique take on some folk standards, as well as introducing a collection of fantastic original songs.”

Annie Dressner

One of folks biggest and hardest working stars, we covered Annie Dressner's, new single here. We also have a 10 Questions With Annie Dressner, who kindly took time to take part in, here.

From her website:

"Since moving from her hometown of New York City to the UK eight years ago, singer-songwriter Annie Dressner has been working on her craft and garnering rave reviews for her recordings and live performances."

Shovels and Rope

My favourite band and an all-round amazing duo, who put out top class albums, every time. You can read my review of their last album ‘In Blood’, here.

From their Wiki Page (Their website is here):

Shovels & Rope are an American folk duo from Charleston, South Carolina composed of husband and wife Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst.
Combining threads from their individual solo careers, Shovels & Rope blends traditional folk, rock and roll and country-rock.”

Marjorie Senet and the Broken-Home Boys

Some good old-fashioned American Roots, but with a modern sound. Marjorie Senet, has an amazing voice, that needs to be heard.

From their Facebook:

“Their new album “Suitcases and Trashbags” was released on the 21st of September, 2019. It’s an emotional journey of love and loss, set to honky-tonk/ classic country/ American Roots music by Marjorie Senet

Rachel Sermanni

Properly one of the most recognisable singer/songwriters from Scotland, it’s hard to put words to just how beautiful and haunting her music is.

Rachel Sermanni, was the first person to take part in my 10 Questions With..., you can read that interview here.

From her Website:

“The music of Folk-Noir Balladeer, Rachel Sermanni, has the flesh of Folk but, if you were to cut the skin, you’d find it pumped with contemporary, genre blended blood.”

Courtney Marie Andrews

The Courtney Marie Andrews, 'On My Page' CD, I brought, has worn out, due to the amount of times I’ve played it.

Courtney Marie Andrews’s, sound, is a mix of lonesome country blues, wondrous stirring music, and rays of hope, all mixed to create a truly beautiful listen.

From her Wiki Page (You can check out her website here)

“Courtney Marie Andrews is an American singer-songwriter originally from Phoenix, Arizona, United States. She released her first widely distributed and breakthrough album, Honest Life, in 2016”

Patch and the Giants

A truly moving and unique sound from this English, based band. Their debut album ‘All That We Had, We Stole’ was released to widespread critical acclaim. You can read my review of their album here.

From their Website:

"Patch & The Giant have a rare degree of maturity in their work. Fresh-sounding folk songwriting, the band's sound - patchwork yet refined - has gradually evolved to occupy its own universe."
(Clash Magazine)

Lydia Cole

From New Zealand, that Country they keep missing off the map in Star Trek films!

Lydia Cole’s music is a dreamscape, something you can drift into without a care in the world.

You can read my review of Lydia Cole's album, 'The Lay of the Land' here.

From her Website (It’s a little short, but it’s to the point!):

“Soft Human writes songs”

Nick Taylor

With his gritty vocals and hard-hitting lyrics, Nick Taylor’s debut E.P, 'Family Tree', is a fantasy debut and well worth a listen.

From his Facebook:

Nick Taylor is a singer/songwriter from Southeast Texas, currently residing in Austin.

Mama Ain’t Dead

One of my favourite debuts albums for years. If you want to smile and dance the night away, grab a copy of their self-titled album 'Mama ain't Dead'. You can read my thoughts on the album here.

From their Website:

“She may only be sleeping, but Mama Ain't Dead. This quartet continues the American roots tradition while infusing contemporary songs with old-time appeal. Multi-instrumentalists and songwriters Betsy Heron, Brie Green, Scott Heron, and Tim Cackett deliver a down-home sound driven by fiddles and banjos that fixes to leave toes tapping and feet stomping.

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