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Ten Questions With Sofia Ortiz

We loved Sofia Ortiz's 'Strange Machine' E.P here at Folk Horror, you can have a read of the review here. So we reached out to Sofia and we're really pleased to say that Sofia, took the time out to answer our Ten Questions With.

Who are you?

I'm a 25 year old shift manager at a health food store in upstate New York, who likes making things after work. For fun, always.

How would you describe your music?

I usually joke when people ask and tell them their mother would definitely like my music. The things I write on my own are very heavily reliant on finger-picking and alternate tunings. In a group setting, my style tends to be a bit more twinkly and atmospheric. Lyrically, it's just me howling at the proverbial moon.

What inspires you?

For the most part, it's the act of doing something and wanting to get better. Moments where words fail me are often the ones in which I start writing. Hearing other musicians and songwriters do cool things is also inspiring.

I love hearing a song I've never heard before and going "Oh man, I want to do something like that!" Practicing the things you love will sometimes be exhausting but it should never not be rewarding.

© Sofia Ortiz

What can we expect release-wise?

I try to record songs and put them up as I finish them, so the discography is ever-expanding. I've never done a formal album release but that's a goal for the future. In the meantime, I have everything up on my Bandcamp.

Are you live-streaming in the Pandemic?

Not yet! I've got a sweet little interface I need to work out the kinks on first, but then I might give it a go. Some friends who are more tech-savvy have hosted some great concerts in their living room. We're living in the future.

Why did you take up music?

My parents are musicians, so my brother and I played violin from age 3 on. I came to guitar later though. I watched "School of Rock" when I was ten (the same age as the kids in the movie) and immediately began borrowing my mom's guitar. I've taken up a few other instruments since then, but guitar is the one that has remained constant since then.

© Sofia Ortiz

How do you set about writing/creating your music?

Usually, something will come out of me just messing around in different tunings. I'll make a mistake and go "oh that sounds like it could be something" and just follow that lead. Every once and awhile, I'll think of a lyric before I hear any music at all, and then it's the challenge of writing something around that. If something sticks in my head, though, I try to trust whatever it is.

If the world was ending and you could only listen to one last song, what one would it be and why?

'Nails' by Kaki King. There are some songs that convey emotions and there are some songs that just ARE emotions. It's fun to think about certain works of art that are what they are because of the medium the artist chose.

If someone asked me to describe what Kaki, was trying to evoke when she wrote this song, I wouldn't be able to tell you because it's not in a place where words can reach. You just have to hear it.

Any funny/weird stories or experiences from your tours?

I haven't really toured at all, but in college I made a friend who had studied the same violin books I had as a kid. She had her violin, and I had my mandolin, and we would do our best to play things we'd learned years and years before. It wasn't wacky, but I definitely enjoyed dueting with her and collapsing in fits of laughter when we would come to the end of our recollection.

How do you want to go out: Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?

I'm gonna have to go with alien invasion. I feel like you're kinda toast in a zombie apocalypse no matter what you do, and I don't have the survival skills for any of it. At least with an alien invasion, there's a slight chance they might spare you and make you a janitor on their ship or something. I've always been a teacher's pet, so I'm hoping that pans out when the time comes.

A big thank you to Sofia Ortiz, for her time and we look forward to hearing more of Sofia's music in the near future. For more information about Sofia Ortiz, and her music, here are some links for you.



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