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Ten Questions With Roly Witherow

Welcome to another ‘Ten Questions With’, today’s episode is with Roly Witherow. He has kindly taking time out, to answer my questions for your reading pleasure. I reviewed Roly’s, rather excellent forthcoming debut progressive folk album, ‘Ballads & Yarns’, so go have a read of my thoughts, should you wish, it's found right here. The album is released on the 8th May 2020, so make sure to check it out.

1. Who are you?

I’m Roly Witherow, and this is my debut album. I normally write music for film and TV, but this is a project just for me.

2. How would you describe your music?

This first album I’ve done, “Ballads and Yarns”, is part folk, part experimental, part kind of art-rock.

© Roly Witherow - The beautiful artwork, created for the album is by Mrs Witherow

3. What inspires you?

Oh, lots of things! Ancient stories of life and death, timeless melodies, the songs of Richard Thompson, Nic Jones, Arthur Russell, Pete Seeger and many others, the films of Stanley Kubrick, the writings of Noam Chomsky, being in beautiful places of nature, Flamenco music and those guys in the Amazon who can imitate all the monkey and bird calls.

4. What can we expect release wise?

My first album “Ballads and Yarns” will be released this Friday (8th May 2020), which I’m very excited about. I’m also writing / arranging some new material for a much more traditional second album.

5. Are you touring? (Ed. We need to change this question for now!)

Due to Coronavirus, I’m not currently touring but I’m planning to play live as soon as I can!

© Roly Witherow

6. Why did you take up music?

Honestly, I can’t remember! I’ve always been into music and I never really felt that I made a conscious decision to take it up, it’s more like I floated towards it.

7. How to do set about writing/creating your music?

There’s not really one way. Sometimes a melody will pop into my head whilst I’m walking somewhere, other times, I’ll just be playing some doodle on the guitar or piano, or it could be some old song that I hear that inspires me, and on occasion I decide to “sit down and write music”.

8. If the world was ending and you could only listen to one last song, what one would it be and why?

Pete Seeger – Turn! Turn! Turn! I think this song would provide some solace given the situation!

9. Any funny/weird stories or experiences from your tours or recording sessions?

I mispronounced the word “halyards” in my single “Row Bullies Row”. I tried correcting it but I really liked the rest of the vocals from that take so decided to just leave it as it is. It’s a fairly niche word anyway!

10. How do you want to go out, a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion?

I’m terrified of Zombies – imagine your loved ones being turned into Zombies and trying to devour you!! So I’d have to go for Alien Invasion.

Check out more information on Roly Witherow, and his fantastic debut album, 'Ballads & Yarns' here.

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