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Ten Questions With – Ian Fisher

Ian Fisher's new album American Standards is on it's way, releasing 19th February 2021 and it's really rather good; you can check out our thoughts HERE.

Ian Fisher very kindly took time out of his busy launch schedule to take on our Ten Questions With, so for your enjoyment and to satisfy your curiosity, here are his answers.

Ian Fisher, interview, folk music, American Standards
© Ian Fisher

Who are you?

I'm a Florida born, Missouri raised, and Vienna based songwriter, recording artist, and touring musician.

How do you go about writing?

It's different every time. It usually comes at night when I'm alone in a time of turbulence. That's when the seed of the song is planted. The basic chords and words come. Slowly the song takes more shape after that. Sometimes in minutes. Sometimes in months.

Ian Fisher, interview, folk music, American Standards
© Ian Fisher

Why did you take up music?

I was raised in a small town in Missouri where there wasn't much else to do but play football or guitar. I think I picked well.

What does the Folk genre mean to you?

Honesty. That's all that matters in art anyways. Unposed honesty.

What can we expect release wise?

My new record, "American Standards", which was named after the toilet brand, was largely written in guest bedrooms in Nashville about my nostalgia for and contradicting aversion to the Midwestern culture I was raised in.

Musically it borrows elements from Americana, but puts them through a modern urban European filter.

Ian Fisher, interview, folk music, American Standards
© Ian Fisher

Can we catch you live via streaming or in person?

I was on tour for about 12 years when Covid-19 stopped me. I hope to play live again when shit stops hitting the fan. Till then, I'll play some live stream shows on my Instagram feed (You can find Ian's Instagram feed HERE).

Any funny/weird/surreal stories or experiences from your life in music?

Many... I could talk about playing a walking concert through the stone alleyways of a Sicilian village, singing in German at an American Legion hall in East Nashville, leading a crowd into a Viennese palace to play an acoustic encore in a baroque rotunda, but it all just makes me miss my pre-corona life even more.

If the world was ending and you could only listen to one last song, what one would it be and why? - "I Dream a Highway" - Gillian Welch

How do you want to go out, a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion?

I think an Alien Invasion is more hopeful. I've seen too many scenes of apocalyptic zombies lately (i.e. conspiracy theorists storming Capitol Hill, neo-nazi anti-vaxxer rallies in Europe, etc...). Give me the aliens...

'American Standards' is released on the 19th February 2021.

Another huge tapadh leat to Ian Fisher for his time and we can't stress enough how good his album 'American Standards' is, so write a reminder on those calendars. You can read our thoughts on the album HERE.

In the meantime hit up your music player and take a listen to Ian's previous works. We really love his debut album 'Change of Heart' and it's a great place to start if you're new to Ian Fisher's work.

You can find a whole load of information about not only the new album 'American Standards', but also on Ian Fisher and his extensive back catalogue via these links:







Ian Fisher, interview, folk music, American Standards
'American Standards' coming 19th February 2021. (Image © Ian Fisher)

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