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Ten Questions with Bethany Spalding

Our latest interview is with Bethany Spalding; her work is as beautiful and timeless as the lands that influence her. ‘My Mind is a Garden’ is one of our favourite albums so far this year and is permanently on many of our playlists.

Bethany Spalding, is also one of our Bandcamp picks, you can help support her music directly by checking out her album on Bandcamp and buying it from there, should you fall in love with it, as we did. Remember on 3rd July 2020, Bandcamp will waive their fees, so 100% of the cost of the album goes to the Artist.

© Bethany Spalding

Who are you?

I am Bethany Spalding, and an Ethereal Folk or Baroque folk musician. I'm a Mom and Wife living in Michigan USA. I like to garden, trail run, and spend time with my family.

How would you describe your music?

My fans describe my music as Ethereal folk music, ancient and otherworldly, and also just plain "folksy".

What inspires you?

Big emotions inspire me, but I often use nature to make sense of big emotions. Like in my song 'Wilting’, the song is a big metaphor connecting a good cry to the cleansing rains of Spring.

© Bethany Spalding

What can we expect release wise?

I've just released a full-length album called 'My Mind is a Garden' on June 10th 2020. I told myself I would take it easy on writing/recording after that, but I'm finding that releasing music only makes me hungry to make MORE! Haha

Are you Live Streaming during the Pandemic?

I was live streaming, but I'm highly introverted and found it to be immensely draining. It was also hard to show up at a set-in-stone time because I am a Mom and it is sometimes hard to encourage little ones to sleep when you need them to.

Why did you take up music?

I took up music because I felt like I had a disconnect between myself and everyone else. I tend to be a dreamer and have become accustomed to living in the dreams in my head.

Making songs has been the best way for me to express my true self and I'm finding that a lot of my fans can relate to that feeling too.

© Bethany Spalding

How do you set about writing/creating your music?

Writing and creating my music is this magic that is real if you believe in it. For months, I would write my song titles down on paper, day after day, believing in them and that they would someday be true.

Process wise, they all come together in different ways. I used to write in more of a stream-of-consciousness style, but now (for the sake of the listener) I try to be more intentional. I often write the chorus first, then use the verses to fill in the details of the message. But not always.

If the world was ending and you could only listen to one last song, what one would it be and why?

Emphasis by Sleeping At Last. It is heart-breaking and hopeful all at once.

Any funny/weird stories or experiences from your tours?

Oh goodness. The first one that comes to mind is the drunk man that ranted at me between sets after we had played our version of Eleanor Rigby. "How dare you cover the Beatles! You don't touch the Beatles"... as a musician, I've been in customer service/waitress jobs a long time, so I knew to tuck my own feelings away and appease this guy. Confuse him with compassion and understanding, I suppose. Hahaha

How do you want to go out, a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion?

I'll go with Alien Invasion 😊

© Bethany Spalding

Many thanks to Bethany Spalding, for answering our questions. You can hear Bethany’s beautiful music on all good streaming services now or buy directly from her on Bandcamp.

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© Bethany Spalding

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