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Single Review – The Bird and the Frog – Roly Witherow

Bursting onto the scene last year with the rather brilliant (and one of our top 15 albums of 2020) 'Ballads and Yards', Roly Witherow brought a breath of fresh air with his Progressive Folk debut. Now we're in 2021 and he is back with his first single of the year, 'The Bird and the Frog'.

Roly said in his email to us that his latest single represents a new direction for him. Do not fear however, while it may not the the dissection of folk in terms of his previous work, it's still richly marinated in Roly's unique style.

One wouldn't expect anything less in terms of style as well as something different, after all Roly has already examined and deconstructed what the core of Folk means to him with 'Ballads and Yards', so now it's time to show the results of that study.

'The Bird and the Frog' does indeed offer a more conventional sounding song, yet that sharp edged music and those hard but emotionally saturated vocals Roly is becoming known for, still remain strong.

© Roly Witherow

The sound is more simplistic in the way of instruments used, compared to Roly's debut, but it's still as richly formed. It also weaves tightly with Roly's vocals, soaring along like a feather caught in the wind, soft, beautiful, meaningful yet with a darker side, a harder truth.

It's like telling someone of a memory trapped on the outer edge of your mind, one that you look on warmly but can't help feeling you haven't quite recollected correctly, that maybe you're seeing it through rose-tinted glasses. It's this that makes me enjoy Roly Witherow's work so much.

On the surface it's a bloody good song well worth adding to your playlist, yet, dig a little deeper, play it a few times on repeat and there is something that gets your mind going, makes you start asking questions, sets your imagination racing; at least it does to me.

© Roly Witherow

'The Bird and the Frog', for fans of Roly's work, is as equality brilliant to anything he has released before and for new comers it's a lot more friendlier to approach. The only person I can really compare it to right now is the works of the legendary English Folk singer/songwriter, Laura Marling and her latest work. One thing it also does is set me to fever-pitch levels of hype for Roly Witherow's new album.

The single is out on the 29th January and we seriously recommend picking up a copy.

Until that time however you can have a watch of the video at the top of this page and check out Roly's website for more information HERE

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