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Single Review – Over – Anne Harris – 2021

I'm a little late to the party, the single from Anna Harris was released on the 26th February, but fear not, I'm finally here to give you my ramblings.

The single Over is the first song from a collaboration between Anna Harris (lead vocals, violin) and Markus James (vocals, banjo) from the American Roots / Dreamscape side of Folk music.

© Anne Harris

A little bit about the artists first; Anne Harris is a veteran Folkie based over in Chicago. A singer/songwriter and fiddle player, Anne has numerous solo and band albums to her name. Anne has also been on the road for a long time, bringing her incredible music to crowds of Folk lovers both old and young.

Markus James, singer/songwriter, is known more for his critically-acclaimed Blues albums, but he easily crosses the borders of music with his sublime talent and skill as an artist.

The song itself first greets your ears with Markus's banjo flowing along like a winding river before Anne's majestic vocals drift across the top, like a feather atop of the water, winding its way downstream.

© Anne Harris

Anne's violin then arches across the sky like silvery moonlight, the complete experience is Dreamscape at its best. Time stops; you are lost within a world created by nothing more than the imagination of these two great artists. Their skill to create a dream-world where time doesn't have any meaning and the sole focus of your mind is the tale Anne is spinning for you, is incredible.

This may I remind you, is just a single! Get it on your playlist now and get that hype started for the album.

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Thank you to Tekla Waterfield from For The Story Press for sending a copy of the single to us.

© Anne Harris

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