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Single Review – Ocean – Rachael Frankruyter – 2021

© Rachael Frankruyter

Singer/Songwriter Rachael Frankruyter is from the City of Stratford set alongside the Avon River in Ontario, Canada. We first discovered her unique Dreamscape Folk sound last year on Bandcamp and have been eagerly awaiting more from her. Well the wait is finally over, Rachael Frankruyter's new E.P is almost upon us. The first single from the album is 'Ocean' and we've had a sneak preview.

© Rachael Frankruyter

Dreamscape for those who have never heard of it before, is a piece of art that takes on the strangeness, the mysterious distance, characteristic of a dream. With 'Ocean', we get that image, slowly built up in our mind's eye as the single builds.

Starting with a slow sway, like a calm wave, layers are added throughout as the song builds up, more instruments are added, more complex chords introduced. By the end we are in full raging waters, an ecosystem in full flow, with even the guitar sounding like inermitantly distant whale song .

© Rachael Frankruyter

Rachael's vocals are the driving force, steering us through the dream, feeding us the reasons for it's construction. What does this all mean? Well, that depends on yourself, it could be the 'Ocean' reflects the sometimes overwhelming complexity of life. From love to loss, the amount of times life frequently carries us away, where we feel we're just treading water to keep our head above it all.

That is the beauty of Dreamscape, when done well, the meaning is divergent, depending on the listener. If you are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, first off, welcome to my blog and thanks for reading this far, I do tend to go off-piste a little.

Secondly 'Ocean' by Rachael Frankruyter, is bloody good! A song/story created by a young Lady thousands of miles away in another country, has an impact on this tired old dude currently living in the Outer Hebrides.

© Rachael Frankruyter

Rachael's music connects across cultures and inspires those who listen. Allowing us to reflect upon the story, to see what is being said but as in a dream, it's our own take visualy. Rachael is our rudder, our guide, steering across this distanct dreamlike landscape given birth by her but shaped by our own mind.

The above is why Dreamscape Folk is my favourite sub-genre of Folk, and Rachael Frankruyter is one of the best coming through in this often ignored rivulet.

'Ocean' is out on the 9th February, for more information you can check of the links below.

For more information here are some links for you:







© Rachael Frankruyter

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