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Single Preview - Pretend - Annie Dressner

© Annie Dressner

Annie Dressner, is releasing her new single Pretend, on the 29th May, and I've been fortunate enough, to have had the chance of a preview.

Annie Dressner’s vocals are, no matter the subject, a joy to hear. She has a natural joyful charisma that pours through her singing, bringing a smile to anyone that hears her music.

Pretend is no different, in that respect.

© Annie Dressner

The song is a self-reflecting tale against the background of urban living and the constant buzz of life’s noise that comes with it. It highlights the need to find somewhere you favour to grab a moment of peace, refresh your inner self, let your mind roam free away from all that background noise.

It allows the listener to return to nature with the singer, watching the dichotomy of the ever changing waves of the eternal sea on the beach, or a corner table in a café, just out of sight from everyone around you. It's reflective without being painful, 'a chill out' track.

It’s a beautiful, calming song from one of Folks hardest working artists today and excites high expectations for Annie Dressner’s, forthcoming new album, ‘Coffee at the Corner Bar’, which is due for release this coming September.

You can show your support and pre-order the vinyl for the album on kickstarter here. As well as, pre-order the album in digital form on your favourite streaming services here. Or if you are old fashioned like me, you can grab the CD from your favourite store here.

© Annie Dressner

About Annie Dressner:

Annie Dressner, is a singer/songwriter from New York City, currently residing over here in Old England, she already has an impressive back catalogue. Touring intensely before the pandemic and appearing in many of the famous folk festivals over here in the UK, including the Green Man in Wales, and the world-famous Cambridge Folk Festival in England.

I’ve managed to catch Annie Dressner, live a few times over the last couple of years, and she is always a delight to hear in concert.

You can check out Annie Dressner’s, Bandcamp here or go to her main website to get more information on one of folks hardest working stars, right here.

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