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Review – Will Varley – Kingsdown Sundown – 2017

Kingsdown Sundown is Kent’s favourite Bard, Will Varley, sixth album to date and follows hot on the heels of last year’s amazing ‘Postcards from Ursa Minor’. While ‘Postcards’ was a wondering positive look at the world, future and the state of mankind, ‘Kingsdown Sundown’ is something very different.

Gone is the light-heartedness and in its place, is a sombre moody view of a broken and wounded world. From the opening track ‘To Build a Wall’ to the closing ‘We’ll keep making plans’ we are given a grim view of how humanity currently stands in the eyes of, Will Varley.

That’s not to say that there aren’t the glimmers of hope that you find in other albums by Will, it’s just they are hidden away under the much darker stories I’ve personally heard from the South Kent Bard. Songs such as ‘Let your guard down’ ‘and February Snow’, still have the tales of love and hope if even in a limited way compared to past offering.

Anthems for the down trodden are something Will Varley, is known and loved for. These thankfully are still presents on the album with ‘We want our planet back’ given something we can grab on to and shout out while hopelessly stuck in limbo in today’s chaotic world.

The album is rounded off with one of the lighter songs of the album ‘We’ll keep making plans’, no matter what is going on in the world around us we will get up, brush ourselves down and keep getting on with it, with the hope that in the end the elite stop for a moment and look at the destruction they have left around them.

In the end, we are left with a finely crafted tale by Will Varley and while ‘Kingsdown Sundown’ may not be the lightest of albums this in no way effect what is another hugely enjoyable listen. True bard’s and poet’s work always reflect the world around them, which is why they make the best resource for a point in history. Will Varley, is one of those dying breeds in music, a highly talented songwriter, tale-spinner and poet or as I like to say, a true bard.

Kindsdown Sundown is out now from the normal stores, such as iTunes and Amazon or direct from his main site.

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