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Food for Folk

I'm sharing this with you all in the hope it will inspire others to do something similar in their community.

With this pandemic a lot of hard working folk are struggling to find enough paid work to keep food on their tables. It's not through lack of trying, it's not something they can control, it's been thrust upon us all by something that I had hoped I would never see in my lifetime.

A small news piece on the wall where I work at Tesco in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, about how staff members where raising money for the local food banks, got me thinking. I do donate what I can every payday, but, if I team up with the Tesco Social Team maybe we could do two great things at once. First, and most importantly, we can help out our fellow islanders that aren't as lucky as us who currently have employment, and secondly, help raise spirits by spreading some great music.

The poster I made up for the raffle

So after have a chat with Jackie at work, I came up with Food for Folk, where I would select ten albums by ten of the best Folk artists in the world right now and present them as a 'winner takes all' prize in a raffle for staff members.

It's a simple idea but it was fun for me trying to narrow it down to ten. I did fail with trying to narrow the Scottish one down, I didn't know who to go with. Of course there was going to be Peat and Diesel, that goes without saying!

But what of the Mainland? Do I go with Rachel Sermanni or Faeland or Julie Fowlis (I know she is from the Islands but she lives on the mainlands now), so on and so forth; Scotland is a rich source of amazingly talented artists. I gave up trying to pick and went with a 'various artists' album; a cop-out I know.

It doesn't need to be so many albums either, it could be one, it could be a vinyl, maybe before you buy the album you could contact the artist as I did and ask if they could sign it before you buy it so it's a signed copy.

Most of the albums in this raffle are signed by the artist because I told them what I was doing and they were more than happy to sign them before they were sent out to me, so the prize became that little bit more appealing to people even if they are not fully into Folk music.

I hope this doesn't come over as a self-congratulatory eye rolling back slapping piece, it's not meant as such. I'm just putting it out there in the hope it inspires others to do what little they can to help, as a lot of small things add up and in the end, it can be a big help.

Before I go I want to say thank you to C.J, Julie, Jackie, Chris and the others in the social team from Tesco in Stornoway for listening to me and putting up with me mumbling on about Folk music for hours before agreeing to help.

Below I will post a list of the albums I picked just for reference. You can click the image to be taken to their website.

Stay safe out out there Folks,

Peace & Love,



Stay Safe - Stay Well - Peace & Love.

For more information on the COVID - 19 pandemic, please check out your local government website & NOT silly fake news on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Reddit posts!





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