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Good morning Folkies, it's cold, it's wet and there is a bit of a wind, so to delay having to go do farming stuff, here is some news:

Rachael Frankruyter

One of our Bandcamp picks, Canadian singer/songwriter RachaelFrankruyter, is working hard on a new E.P; the single 'Ocean' is coming on the 9th February. We will have a review of it closer to the date, in the meantime we have a 'Ten Questions With' coming Wednesday, so stay tuned for that.

Website Bandcamp

Rachel Sermanni

One of the best singer/songwriters from Scotland, indeed the world, is back in the recording studio. I will try and get more details for you on that great news.


Harbottle & Jonas

From the masters of English Folk we have 'The Beacon', their new album. I'm interested in how they are going to follow up the masterpiece that was 'The Sea is my Brother'. 'The Beacon' is out on the 26th March and I shall give you my thoughts as soon as I get my hands on it.

In the meantime here is the rather beautiful video for their new single 'Black in the Colour'


JP Harris

Nashville singer/songwriter JP Harris has just released a new single 'Take Off Your Tinfoil Hats', you can have a listen below.


Ian Fisher

A new album is coming, it's called 'American Standards' and is released 19th February, we have an advance copy thanks to our friends at HearthPR, so our thoughts will be with you soon on that. You can have a taste below with the video for his single 'Three Chords & The Truth'


Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno

New video for 'Love & Chains' from the super talented Vivian Leva & Riley Calcagno. You can read our thoughts on their album below as well as check out the video.

Our Review


Chris Pierce

The powerhouse of Soul that is Chris Pierce, is releasing a Folk album, our review is coming later today but in the meantime here is his video for the single 'American Silence'.



From one of my favourite duos ever, the Edgelarks, comes a new album Henry Martin, head on over to Bandcamp and grab a copy as it is amazing.



Peat & Diesel

The Kings of the Hebrides were on telly again; if you can, have a watch of The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan on BBC iPlayer.

BBC Link


Roly Witherow

Bursting onto the Folk scene with one of our top 15 albums of the year (link to those awards for you), Roly Witherow has a new single out on the 29th January called 'the bird and the frog'. We will keep you posted about that, judging by his debut album, it's worth keeping an eye on.


© Roly Witherow

So that will do for today, stay safe out there folks.

Peace & Love

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