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E.P. Review - When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground - The Tallest Man On Earth - 2018

Swedish Singer/Songwriter, The Tallest Man on Earth latest release comes in the form of a five track E.P “When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground”. As always, it’s hard to describe or compare his music to anything else out there. While it does in someway reflect the American 'roots' from artists the like of Dylan or Guthrie, it still also has that Scandinavian flavour that makes his work so very distinct.

His latest work is no different, while it weaves a tale that many can relate to, there is still an air of mystery about it, shrouded in the mountain mist, just out of view of those not familiar with his homeland. It’s given him and his work an almost mythical feeling, unmatched by anyone else.

Throughout this E.P I had the sense of searching for something or someone. Maybe one’s true self or maybe some thing just out of reach. From the opening track “An Ocean” to the closing “Then I Won’t Sing No More”, it’s both inspiring and magical in equal measures.

Whether you have heard his previous work or not, “When The Bird Sees The Solid Ground” has something for everyone, both old fans or new incoming ones, what it will do, is make you think, dream and leave feeling refreshed.

For more information check out his website here:

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