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E.P Review - Strange Machine - Sofia Ortiz - 2020

I came upon Sofia Ortiz’s four track E.P, ‘Strange Machine’ via the Bandcamp new releases - folk section.

The opening track ‘Superhero Lullaby’ is a soft, drifting, chilled out piece of music that made me fall in love with Sofia’s voice and songcraft immediately. Listening to Sofia's reminded me of when I first heard Laura Marling, so needless to say, after listening to the track, I promptly brought the E.P.

Ishmael’ the second track on the E.P, is an equally low-key, acoustic affair, telling the tale of those awaiting the return of the whale obsessed sea captain from his ill-fated journey. Okay…it may not be about that at all.

© Sofia Ortiz

Rather a tale of one you have fallen for, but they aren’t there to return that affection anymore. Someone who has moved on from the relationship you are mourning and, as of yet, you are still struggling to let go of those memories you shared together. Good music means something different to everyone, so you will have your own interpretation.

Mars’, while still a relaxed song, sees Sofia Ortiz changing the tone slightly. This is a more dreamscape/psychedelic, otherworldly sound, before returning to the earlier, familiar folk of the first two songs, with the title track ‘Strange Machine’.

© Sofia Ortiz

There isn’t much more to say about Sofia Ortiz’s E.P, other than I love the whole album. Sofia’s softly, yet emotionally delivered vocals, mixed with a clean, clear, stripped back acoustic sound, gives the listener great peace of mind.

Upon the final few notes of the closing title track, I was left chilled out and smiling. I was also left wanting more, so here hoping Sofia Ortiz, has more in the pipeline for us all.

We have an interview with Sofia Ortiz, coming next week, so watch this space.

You can get hold of Strange Machine from Sofia’s Bandcamp page here

Or for more information, you can take a stroll over to Sofia's website here

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