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E.P Review – Rheacycle - James Ethington III – 2020

Today I'm bringing you something a little different, a part of the Folk genre I don't normally listen too, that's Folk Pop. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it's just not normally for me. There is however always an exception, this time that exception is in the form of James Ethington III and his E.P Rheacycle.

© James Ethington III

Originally a street performer, who plied his trade from Santa Monica Beach, California to Austin, Texas and everywhere in-between, James took up the guitar as a way to combat his anxiety and depression in his late teens. Now he creates music not only as a means of self-medication but also to encourage others to find a way to express themselves via the medium of music.

Putting all that aside for the moment, let's have a good listen to the music itself. From the opening of Rheacycle it's clear that we are dealing with a talented musician with a tale to tell. Sound-wise James, uses a mix of Modern Folk, and R&B with a hint of Funk in there for good measure; the result is an upbeat with an uplifting aftertaste.

© James Ethington III

His vocals are soft and soothing but strong enough to keep your attention and makes you pay notice of the stories being spun for you. Whether James is singing over the simple sounds of a guitar on the track 'Art of My Life' or the deep beat Funk of the E.P's single 'Becca', he comes across clear and engaging.

This is an E.P of Modern Folk Pop that does two things; First, James tells a good tale and does something with his song writing skills within his chosen medium, these are real stories here not just one line repeated.


The second thing is he is using his talent to keep this storytelling accessible to those more old-school-Folk minded listeners, while managing to bring a fresh breeze for the younger more mainstream minded people. Truly crossing boundaries, he is bringing that self-medication to a wider audience.

As artists before in him, in the form of Prince or Ed Sheeran MBE, James Ethington III leads us on a deeply thoughtful ride, leaving us able to think about the bigger questions or if one is not in the mood, there are some great beats to just forget about the world and unwind after a hard day.

James Ethington III Rheacycle is out now on all good streaming services. For more information you can check out the links below:



Thank you to T. Marshall for bringing James's E.P to my attention.

© James Ethington III

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