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E.P Review - Joyeux Noel, Bon Chrismeusse - Chas Justus -2020

It’s Christmas, well almost! So, lets have a look at our first new Christmas album, this one from Chas Justus and Friends, all the way over from South Louisiana, USA.

Joyeux Noel, Bon Chrismeusse, is not your normal Christmas album either, artists from some of best Cajun bands in South Louisiana, such as Daiquiri Queens, Blake Miller & The Old-Fashioned Aces and Sweet Crude come together to create something a little different.

Taking a number of well-known festive songs such as ‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ and ‘I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’, they have translated them to the local French-based Creole language. Then by infusing them with the Southern Louisianan Cajun (Acadian) culture, they have given birth to an exuberantly joyous Christmas album to kick off the Holiday Season. One that even a grumpy old Englishman like me can’t help but smile and dance too.

© Chas Justus

The best praise I can give is to tell you about Wham’sLast Christmas’, I hated this song when it came out in 1984 (I was only four then as well) it was on every radio station, TV channel, shop sound system and people’s stereos in England. A disgusting unpalatable unrepenting vulgar migraine inducing soundscape assaulting my ears every year for, count them with me now, thirty-four years without fail.

Then along comes, ‘Joyeux Noel, Bon Chrismeusse’ with ‘Chrismeusse Passé’ (Last Christmas) and I love it! I’ve now played this album about ten times and the last song, almost twice as many times again. It’s as if my own subconscious is just checking to make sure I’ve not totally lost the plot.

That’s the album in a nutshell, it’s like that sweet gooey stuff in your favourite biscuit (cookie), the right amount of happiness and exultation. It makes a smile appear on your face and before you know it, you are up and dancing to the kaleidoscope of good will pouring forth from the artists, welcoming you to their celebrations.

Please for your own health, put the long stressful year that is 2020 to one side for a moment, turn your music device to max and let the joy of ‘Joyeux Noel, Bon Chrismeusse’ ring out.

The E.P comes out for Bandcamp, Friday 4th December (This Friday) so you can not only get one heck of a good Christmas album but also support the artist at the same time. The link is HERE.

For more information about Chas Justus, you can find his website HERE.

Many thanks to Devon Leger from Hearth PR for the preview.

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