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E.P Review - Gabe & Helen Westergren - Weeds & Wails - 2020

We listen to a lot of different records here at Folk Horror, sometimes they are long epics that fill all the hours of the day, and other times they are short but sweet E.Ps. This three track long ‘Weeds & Wails’ is one of those such, sweet ones.

Released the 1st June 2020, ‘Weeds & Wails’ is a side project from Gabe Westergren, of the Folk-Rock band, Dot. Pairing up with his sister, Helen Westergren, and featuring Dan Westergren on the track ‘Acony Bell’, this is very much a family affair.

Weeds & Wails’, consists of three striped down covers of ‘There is a Vine’ by Connie Converse, ‘Acony Bell’ by Gillian Welch / David Rawlings and ‘All my Trials’ by Peter, Paul & Mary. Many of you may be asking why should you be bothered about a cover album/E.P, and indeed, why we are reviewing such a thing.

© Gabe Westergren

Well, that’s what a large part of Folk is about, stories are passed down via different people, told in ways the original writers may not have imagined, this is one of them. Gabe & Helen Westergren give us a retelling in their own uniquely heart-warming style.

As mentioned before, the E.P has a stripped down, raw style, with guitar and banjo providing a joyous union. Gabe & Helen, providing soft, beautifully harmonised vocals that drift gleefully over the top of the instruments, bring a smile to my face as I sink into my chair listening.

© Gabe Westergren

Given there are storm winds and driving rain smashing into the Isles from the ocean right now, shaking the house and roaring like a freight train, the last thing I thought would happen is finding a piece of music that could bring cheer to my rain lashed, grey day.

Each of the songs feel as though Gabe & Helen Westergren not only love the originals, but have had fun recording them and that comes through here, making this wee E.P, well worth your time.

For the price of a coffee and paper, which would,no doubt, send my blood-pressure to an unhealthy high, I instead brought this and now have a little sunshine to brighten up my day. If you want the same, for the price of your choosing, you can buy the E.P from their Bandcamp page here.

For More information on Gabe Westergren, you can find his band Dot, Facebook page here.

© Gabe Westergren

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