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E.P Review – For Today - Rachael Frankruyter – 2021

Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Rachael Frankruyter, has been a favourite of us here at Folk Horror Blog, ever since we heard her self titled E.P on Bandcamp. Now in 2021 we have been lucky enough to have an exclusive preview of Rachael's new E.P.

'For Today' Album Cover © Copyright Rachael Frankruyter

I like to listen to an album a few times before writing about it, thankfully the weather here is amazing, so I've been doing a lot of work clearing land to plant fruit trees. This is something I normally put on my Folk playlist for, but today I had Rachael's, For Today playing on repeat for quite a while. My point simply being I enjoyed it that much.

For Today leans more into the mainstream side of modern Folk this time around, while still dipping delightfully into the Dreamscape Folk of Rachael's last self-titled offering, from time to time. The music is just as thoughtful and beautiful as always, while the stories Rachael has to tell us are more complex and multilayered.

© Copyright Rachael Frankruyter

What we ultimately get is a look at this really messed up world through the eyes of a young Lady, with all the pressure and stresses of life, heightened by the current climate. Given that Rachael is now older and the world is a much different place than a few years ago, this more mature look on life is to be expected.

The combination of the music and Rachael's voice, is soothing; almost hypnotising, it plays out in your mind, helping you lose track of how much time has past, as you loose youself within the world, Rachael has created.

© Copyright Rachael Frankruyter

This second offering from Rachael Frankruyter is a splendid mesmerising jewel of an E.P, that's more than worth your time. While the extension into the other sub-genres of Folk, outside of Dreamscape, help keep Rachael's sound as fresh as her talent is on the Folk scene.

If I had to sum up Rachael's E.P For Today, in just one word, I would have to use one of my favourite: pulchritudinous.

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