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E.P Review - Downtown - Will Hatch & Co - 2020

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

From Hopkinton, New Hampshire, Will Hatch is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His last album 'For You' (video below), a Bluegrass / Country album, is one of my personal favourites and, if you haven’t already done so, it’s well worth checking out. As you can imagine, my excitement levels rose rather high when I received an advanced copy of his new music, and this time he brought friends with him.

Will Hatch – Banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Jon Cheney – Bass

Taylor Pearson – Guitar, Vocals

Brian Peasley – Mandolin

Eric Ober – Drums

This six track E.P contains four originals tracks and two covers, one from the legendary Robert Johnson, ‘They’re Red Hot’ and the American fiddle song ‘Waterbound’ (also known by ‘Stay all Night’ amongst many other names).

Kicking off with the familiar, we have ‘They’re Red Hot’, Will Hatch pays homage not only to Robert Johnson by keeping the original intro close to his, but also to the roots of the genre Will has made his own. Yet, like all good artists, Will doesn’t just copy the song. He quickly molds it into a style of his own, making it fresh for those who know the song and bringing it to new modern ears that may not have heard it before.

What we have as a final result is fast paced, foot tapping brilliant. The kind of song you find in those warm smoke-filled bars that the locals stack out, dancing till the early morning. It’s a statement about not only Will’s love for the music but for what is to come on the rest of the E.P.

© Will Hatch 2020

The pace of the albums continues at full throttle with ‘Beer Bottle Blues’, closely followed by ‘Waterbound’, like an unstoppable freight train making its way across the heartland of American’s untamed wilderness.

Downtown’, the title track, then pulls on the brakes slightly, switching to a more Country sound, bringing a personal feel to the overall story Will Hatch & Co, are telling us. This gives way to ‘Kid from Holden’ a cross between modern American Roots and English Folk, a beautiful but chilling story about a suicide, which Will has said is based on a true story, making it even more haunting.

The final track on the E.P, ‘High & Dry’, carefully crafts all the genres visited previously into a satisfying ending to a rather brilliant, albeit swift, E.P. I’m left with the songs ringing in my head, finding myself singing them while working on my farm, patiently waiting for more from Will & Co; as they say in this part of the world, Haste Ye Back!

Will & Co are live at Penuche’s Ale House in Concord, NH on Saturday 12th December.

Details for that gig are here:

To get a preview of the E.P Downtown or to preorder have a look here:

For more information on Will & Co you can have a wee jig over to their website here:

Or on their Facebook page here:

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