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E.P Review - Covers - Old Horse Corral - 2020

Before I get into the E.P, it’s worth noting that all donations made via Bandcamp for this E.P (It’s pay what you want) are being donated to Fostering Family, a Houston based organisation helping vulnerable children and families.

The problem I normally have with cover albums, is the artists/bands normally try to copy the song to the letter or retell them in their own ‘sound’ without understanding what makes it such a great song in the first place.

© Old Horse Corral

Then there is the other side of the coin, when an artist(s) is so inspired, moved or taken by a song that it stays with them long after they have heard it. They are so overwhelmed in some way by that piece of music, that when they retell it, they aren’t just copying a song, but showing others who hear it, what the song meant to them.

The song then becomes reborn, into something new, which then goes on to inspire another. It’s a beautiful cycle of life and Folk, leads the way in this. I’m happy to report Old Horse Corral’s Covers’ is firmly on this side of the coin.

To really show just how they have made these songs their own, we can start out with the opening track ‘This is my Father’s World’, a hymn written by Maltbie D. Babcock in 1901.

Beautifully told in a fully modern sounding American Root cross English Folk style, I had no idea it was such an old song until I looked it up for reference, such is the fresh sound they have given it.

© Old Horse Corral

This is the theme you will find throughout all six songs. ‘Give my Love to Rose’, one of my favourite Johnny Cash songs, is one I’ve listened to countless times over the years. Yet, while I recognised the words, the simple acoustic music, mixed with beautiful stirring harmonies, give new life to this classic song.

I won’t go through all the tracks in the review, but I will mention that it is the same with them all. Old Horse Corral have given new life and meaning to them all, creating an E.P well worth adding to your collection. On top of this, they have brought old songs to new listeners, who will hopefully go on, in the future, to retell them in their own way and keep the circle going.

You can get hold of a copy from Old Horse Corral’s Bandcamp page here.

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