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E.P Review - Bludgeoned by the Poetry - Nick Lawrence -2014

Wanted to share this review I did for the Dover Music Scene a while back, mainly as I love this E.P.

Bludgeoned by the Poetry is the debut E.P from Nick Lawrence (Previously known as Lucky Jackson), a singer/songwriter from Folkestone and a rising star in the Kent Folk Scene. Nick’s has been writing since 2000 yet only in 2014 has he committed some of those songs to an EP; it’s been a long time coming, so was the wait worth it?

Consisting of four original songs and a cover of James Thornton 1898 song “When you were Sweet Sixteen” The short answer is yes.

The EP starts off with the heartfelt ‘I Like It’, a love song to a long-lost lover. While the words tell us a tale of a seemingly happy relationship, Nick’s vocals tell a different story, a story of regret and lost opportunity and the age-old question of ‘What if?’

Lucky Jackson was his old stage name

I Love You All The Same’ returns to the upbeat tempo for which Nick is best known on the live scene. Another love song, this time not of regret, but of raw, unadulterated passion. “I only want your future, I don’t want your past”, he tells us, speaking of that moment in our lives where we fall head over heels in love. Whether or not it lasts doesn’t matter, it’s about living life now and letting your heart rule your head, no matter what the end result.

‘Crimson Angel’ is a tale of loss, a missed opportunity with someone you loved. “I’d crawl over broken glass…to change the past”, once again the vocals are richly emotive and sharing his deepest feelings, allowing us to see a side of Nick that doesn’t normally come across at his live shows, calls up those memories we all have locked away about the person we wished we had just told how we felt.

‘Song to Dylan’ is by far the best track on the EP, an ode to his hero Bob Dylan. The song itself is a reworking of Dylan’s Song to Woody, which itself is a tribute to Dylan’s hero, Woody Guthrie. Nick ends the song with “I’d like to thank you for letting me be free, For now I’m able to finally be me” unashamedly heaping praise on the man who shaped his own music and inspired his life. A fine tribute to one of the most influential songwriters of his generation.

Nick ends his tale of love and loss that makes up Bludgeoned by the Poetry with a cover of ‘When You Were Sweet Sixteen’, not much I can say about the track other than he makes a song written over a hundred years ago sound as modern and as meaningful now, in 2014, as it was back in 1898.

This E.P. captures the soul bared, raw emotion that is the hallmark of Nick Jackson’s songs and, at the same time, showcases a side we rarely get to see at his live shows; it allows the listener a glimpse of his inner-most feelings. It’s an EP from a singer who clearly cares about his songs, who has something to say and is not just another voice that happens to be able to hold a tune.

Bludgeoned by the Poetry is a grand introduction to who Nick Jackson is both as a person and as a singer/songwriter and will leave you feeling you know him personally and not just as another ‘singer by numbers’ on the live scene.

For more info or to get a hold of the E.P, check of his official website.

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