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Caught Live - The Proclaimers - Wickham Music Festival - 2019

Scottish twins Charlie & Craig Reid are The Proclaimers, world famous for their catchy songs and amazing live performances. They're also a band I’ve never managed to see live until now, so within the setting of the Wickham Music Festival that wrong has now been set right.

Getting right to it, they played song after song in a high energy, non-stop style that even many new young bands couldn’t keep up with. With songs from across their massive back catalogue, as well as new ones from their recent ‘Angry Cyclist’ album they kept us dancing and singing along all the way to the climatic ‘I’m Gonna Be’.

Apart from their amazing songs, they showed their experience as touring pros when, midway through, they tore up their set list and went with the atmosphere of the crowd. Knowing exactly what tracks to play to kept us all at fever pitch for the one and a bit, hours of their performance.

Never letting up, they even skipped the 'leaving the stage and coming back on for an encore' pantomime, that many headliners do. Instead they opted to use the time to squeeze another couple of tracks in; most welcomed by their audience, from both the very young to the more mature festival goers.

It’s been a while since I’ve see a band with the energy and craftsmanship of ‘The Proclaimers;, a truly memorable set and the highlight of my festival attending year. If you have never seen them live before, get onto their website and find a gig close to you now, you will not regret it.

They are also my pick for the best performance at the Wickham festival, laying down a bar so high at the start, no one else managed to match them.

For more information on The Proclaimers, have a look at their website.

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