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Caught Live - Edgelarks - Gulbenkian

Caught Live - Edgelarks - Gulbenkian, Canterbury, Kent University:

Folk in the Barn, a great company that brings some seriously good folk to different venues in Kent, set up this gig in the Café, Gulbenkian, over at the Kent University, Canterbury. Fast becoming my go to venue, I must say.

Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin, make up Edgelarks, and as stated on a previous blog, I loved their last album. Kicking things off with a good story, they started the set with some new material from their forthcoming album. The song and their performance were instantly engaging.

The reason I like these intimate venues, is they give the artist a chance to share their stories and inspirations with us, the audience. It allows us to see not only the artist in a different light, but really to understand their work in ways an album can’t show you. Edgelarks, didn’t disappoint, they used the setting to share stories and songs with us, from old favourites to new material.

With both members, changing instruments multiple times we were treated with a deep, emotional few hours. If that wasn’t enough, we then got a solo from Phillip Henry. He told a story of how his love for the deep south harmonica came about, before treating us to an absolutely stunning and mind-blowing performance.

Mixing the harmonica with singing, beat boxing, foot stopping, folk, blues… well it’s just to hard to describe. It was something I’ve never seen or experienced anywhere before and not only showed off what an amazingly talented musician he is, but it is something I will be talking about for the rest of my life, when gathered round the firepit with friends recounting my favourite memories.

With the equally excellent, Hannah Martin, back for the last part of the show, we were treated to some more new songs before a rousing finale. I knew I was going to enjoy his gig, but I didn’t realise that it would be as good and memorable as it was.

Edgelark, know how to engage their audience, they are also breathtakingly talented artists, with an amazing command of numerous instruments and song writing skills. If you get a chance to see them live, don’t pass it up, it’s one of those gigs that will never leave you.

They are currently touring the UK, before heading ‘down under’ in April/May, then back here to the UK, so go watch them. You can find more info on their website.

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