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Bandcamp: Supporting the Artists you love.

Updated: May 11, 2020

Bandcamp: Supporting the Artists you love, during the Pandemic and beyond.

First of all, this is NOT an advert or paid content, it’s just a music fan letting you know about how to help those Artists that you love, during these strange and trying times.

If you are thinking of buying some Digital Albums, T-Shirts, Vinyl’s and the like, Bandcamp are waiving their fees on Friday 5th June and July 3rd.

A little about Bandcamp:

Bandcamp allows Artists from all levels of the music industry, be it unsigned or with a label, to directly connect with their fans. When you buy any music or merchandise from one of their pages, the money goes directly to the artist with only a small percentage going to Bandcamp (15% on digital items, 10% on physical goods).

Speaking with friends of mine in some well-known bands and singer/songwriters in the industry, the artist is usually lucky if they get 3% of any money made via their music. Some don’t even get this, they only get paid a set wage a year and that’s their lot, no matter how many records they sell.

Some figures from Bandcamp:

$507 MILLION made so far for the artists across Bandcamp, $23.4 Million in the last 30 days alone.

On the Fee Free Fridays that Bandcamp has run so far:

* $4.3 Million on music and merchandise (15x the normal amount on a Friday) on the first one (March 20th), going to the artists.

* $7.1 Million on the second one (May 1st) going to the artist.

So, if you’re streaming your favourite band and feel the need for a T-Shirt or the desire to own the CD, see if they are on Bandcamp first. Another good thing, is you can contact the artist and ask them to sign the CD etc. you are about to order, should you so desire. I did that with Green Heron, and they said yes, so now I have a signed CD on the way!

I will release a list of my best of the Bandcamp picks soon.

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Stay Safe, Stay Well & Stay In - Peace & Love.

For more information on the COVID - 19 pandemic, please check out your local government website & not silly fake news on Facebook, YouTube or Reddit posts!





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