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Bandcamp Picks - Week Six

Bandcamp are doing another Fee Free Friday, where, they are waiving their fees for any sales on an artist’s page. So, every Monday until then, I will put together ten of my favourite artists, in the hope to inspire you to check them out. They're in no particular order, just click on their image to go directly to their Bandcamp store.

Dates for the Final Fee Free Friday is 3rd July 2020.

For the other weeks, the links are at the bottom. Please send us a message if you want us to check someone out or you have your own picks. Our email is: folkhorrorblog@gmail.com

Jake Blount

Jake Blount, takes his influences from the early examples of banjo history and the artists who original created the style of music that would become American Roots. His debut 'Spider Tales' is not only an excellent album but a look at this history.

From his Website

"For as long as it’s existed, the American roots music industry has co-opted Black music into a package to be marketed and resold, defanging or erasing perspectives deemed too threatening along the way.
Banjo player and fiddler Jake Blount resurrects these deep musical strains on Spider Tales, his debut record out May 29th on Free Dirt Records."

Sally Anne Morgan

Looking for a more chilled with a hint of psychedelic? Have a listen to Sally Anne Morgan, you will love her music.

From Her Website

"Sally Anne Morgan plays haunting psychedelic Appalachian folk drone that invokes the rhododendron thickets, creeks and mountains of her local landscape in Western North Carolina"

Sunny War

Sunny War’s, music is mesmerising, spellbinding and simply beautiful, she commands your full attention from the start to the end.

From her Website

"Sunny War (born Sydney Lyndella Ward) is more than just an artist; she is a force of nature that is tough to pin down. What exactly is her style? Is she a blues or punk artist? The answer is yes and no.
You can try to place Sunny in a few boxes, but doing so would be a major disservice to the young songstress. Yes, she may be a Robert Johnson with a shot of Bad Brains, but even this description falls short. The only way to really know Sunny is to immerse oneself in the music."

Bethany Spalding

Inspired by nature and the living Earth around her, Bethany Spalding music is inspiring and moving.

From her Facebook

"Wisconsin songstress, Bethany, writes enchanting folk songs with seemingly ancient melodies and ethereal harmonies that will take you to another world."

Arlo McKinley

How about a bit of good old Country Music? This is Modern Country, at it’s best, so enjoy.

From his Website

"Gifted singer-songwriter Arlo McKinley will release his debut solo record at age 40 on John Prine’s Oh Boy records - after he almost gave up on music altogether, his story is one of hope and sincerity, and he is living proof that great songs will reach the right ears eventually, even if it takes time."


Calm, upbeat and joyful music from Faeland. If you need to recharge, you can’t go wrong with a wee bit of their music.

From their Website

"Faeland’s, music has been described as “soul balm”, “ethereal” and “worldly yet otherworldly”. Their debut album All My Swim attracted widespread acclaim in 2018 – it was championed by BBC 6 Music and BBC Introducing, amongst others. At its core are singer-songwriter Rebecca Nelson and guitarist / multi-instrumentalist Jacob Morrison from Stroud, UK"

This is the Kit

Someone a little better known, one of our favourite Artists for you. This is the Kit is someone who loves telling stories with her music and will take you to places you may have never been.

From her Website

“I’ve been thinking a lot about truth and storytelling and the way that stories and truth change over time according to who’s telling them or who’s listening to them,” says Kate Stables. “How personal stories accidentally become representative of bigger stories. How as groups and individuals, as humans, we use and need the stories we tell.”

The Woodsheep

Mix together Jazz, Folk, Blues and Roots, pour out and enjoy in the summertime sun, it’s Woodsheep.

From their Website

"Though his songwriting – experimental pop theatrics, but rooted in the deep wellsprings of folk music – and his quirky live shows with The Woodsheep have become recognizable mainstays of central Appalachia’s burgeoning indie scene"

Jay Pollmann

Now for something completely different, a little bit of Folk Rock - Country Blues from Jay Pollmann.

From his Website

"Born in the gritty steel town of Hamilton Ontario and raised outside of the small village of Cayuga, Jay Pollmann has intertwined the rural/ urban musical divide to create a unique sound he describes as “foot stompin' rootsy blues”.


We end this week with some local lads from up here in the Outer Hebrides. Country, Roots, Folk and some Rock, thrown in for good measure.

From their Website

"Find yourself on a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides and you’ll find the deep roots of a band called Astrid."

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