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Bandcamp Pick - Week Five

Welcome to week five of my Bandcamp picks. For the other weeks you can find the links at the bottom.

Bandcamp are doing another Fee Free Friday, where, they are waiving their fees for any sales on an artist’s page. So, every Monday until then, I will put together ten of my favourite artists, in the hope to inspire you to check them out. They're in no particular order, just click on their image to go directly to their Bandcamp store.

Dates for the Final Fee Free Friday is 3rd July 2020.

Josephine Oniyama

With a rich soulful voice and an amazing songwriting talent, Josephine Oniyama, music is a playlist must have.

From her Website

"Josephine was born in the Manchester suburb of Hulme before soon moving to nearby Cheetham Hill and has kept strong links with the city. Alongside her song writing Josephine has been working with 'HOME' in Manchester who commissioned her to compose two live scores as part of their launch in 2015. The first commission was 'Celluloid History Songs', a collection of silent footage gathered from the Northwest Film Archive and culminating in the creation of six new songs performed alongside scenes of Manchester and the northwest in the early 1900s."


Good old Southern Bluegrass / Roots from CAAMP, their debut album ‘By & BY’, was one of the best Folk albums of last year.

From their Website

"Started by boyhood friends Evan Westfall and Taylor Meier, CAAMP came to life in Athens, Ohio. Taylor began penning and playing original songs at coffee shops around Athens in 2013. Evan moved down a couple of years later and together in a hazy attic, enjoying light beers, they would find the heartfelt sound that became CAAMP."

Kaia Kater

Raw emotional Bluegrass from a very exciting artist. Kaia Kater’s, album ‘Grenades’ is one of the best to come out in 2018.

From her Website

"A Montreal-born Grenadian-Canadian, Kaia Kater grew up between two worlds: her family’s deep ties to folk music and the years she spent soaking up Appalachian music in West Virginia. Her old-time banjo-picking skills, deft arrangements, and song writing abilities have landed her in the spotlight in North America and the United Kingdom."

Leyla McCalla

Bringing the sound of her Haitian roots and mixing in the celebration sound of New Orleans, Leyla McCalla, is a breath of fresh air in the Folk scene.

From her Website

"Deeply influenced by traditional Creole, Cajun and Haitian music, as well as by American jazz and folk, Leyla’s music is at once earthy, elegant, soulful and witty — it vibrates with three centuries of history, yet also feels strikingly fresh, distinctive and contemporary."

Project Smok

Looking for something a little more traditional? Give the Scottish Trio, Project Smok, a try.

From their Website

"Project Smok is the neo-trad trio of Ali Levack, Ewan Baird and Pablo Lafuente, whose nonconformist and progressive Scottish traditional music has set them apart since their formation in 2017."

Lisa Heller

More along the Modern Folk line with Lisa Heller, another young voice with huge talent, well worth checking out her debut E.P with ‘The Lisa Heller Project

From her Website

"East coast born and raised Lisa Heller, a recent college graduate, started writing music at the age of 13 in her bedroom as a creative outlet for her anxiety. While still in high school, Lisa placed in national songwriting competitions and quickly gained a small local following of fans in and around her Connecticut hometown due to the support of local radio stations and newspapers. Her debut single "Hope", which she released out of her college dorm room, independently reached over 1.5 million views on YouTube spreading a powerful message of optimism."

Mama’s Broke

Gritty raw and full of heart, the stunning sound of Mama’s Broke, is our next pick for you all.

For their Website

"Their two strong voices blend to create haunting harmonies, while they artfully juggle fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin, and incorporate traditional dance and foot percussion into their performance."

Anna Tivel

With her story driven songs and haunting music, Anna Tivel, has been one of Folk’s leading singer / songwriters for good reason.

From her Website

"Somewhere deep in the middle of a good story, a simple and powerful thing happens. You begin to feel seen. The characters have been slowly undressed, layer upon layer of hope and human flaw, their struggles revealed. They remind you of your family, of a briefly encountered stranger, of yourself."

Daniel Norgren

From the mystical forests of North Sweden, we highly recommend having a listen to the dreamscape folk of Daniel Norgren.

From his Website

"Daniel Norgren is a Swedish songwriter from the tall woods of the north. He’s working through the small indie label Superpuma Records and has been doing so since 2006."


Hailing from the streets of London, Daughter, are one of English folk greatest bands. We here, have seen them live so many times we've lost count.

From Wiki (Their Website)

"Daughter are an English indie folk trio. Fronted by North London native Elena Tonra, the band was formed in 2010 after the addition of Swiss guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella from France."

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