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Album Review – Werewolves and High Tides – Corduroy Gordon - 2020

It's been a tough year and we're only just entering March! I've also been chatting to you about some strong but heavy albums about the current troubles we find ourselves in. So, let me quote the mighty Monty Python, “And now for something completely different”.

Corduroy Gordon are a group of musical talented friends from somewhere out west:

Chet Greason – Ukulele / Harmonica / Lead Vocals

Emily Lagace – Guitar / Lead Vocals

Kevin Lagace – Banjo / Melodica / Vocals

Dan Beachard – Big Bass / Tiny Bass

Also starring Aimee Jesso on Percussions and vocals with a brief appearance by Ashley Giles on one of the songs.

© Copyright Corduroy Gordon

The ten track Werewolves and High Tides instantly sets the rules with 'The Meteor'. A song about the end of the world with humanity creating a ship to flee the Earth to populate a new world. With tongue firmly in cheek, Corduroy Gordon bring a ray of sunshine to the world.

With genre melding skill, Corduroy Gordon take Folk, Bluegrass, Roots, Jazz, Pop, Rock, the kitchen sink, Americana, Spoken Word, Pop Culture and Country, stick them into a blender, and then chuck the result down the loo with a disgusted look on their face.

Just forget sticking a label on everything, fuck the world, she's gone to hell anyhow. Light up the fire pit, crack open a bottle of Harris Gin, have a little fun before we all turn to dust and return to wherever we came from in the first place.

That's what Corduroy Gordon have done, don't get me wrong, this isn't a joke album on any level, within the humour are some serious observations on humanity, life in general and the state of current affairs across the world.

Werewolves and High Tides is undoubtedly catchy with delightfully crafted music, married to some witty, riotous, uproarious vocals. Stories you will laugh along with as the ironic tales of our own stupidity is called to count.

Do your mental health a favour, get Werewolves and High Tide, put it on repeat and dance yourself silly with a wide smile on your face.

Werewolves and High Tide is out now on all good streaming services. For more information check out the following links.




A big thanks to Charlie McEvoy from In Tune Audio for the recommendation.

© Copyright Corduroy Gordon

Stay Safe - Stay Well - Peace & Love.

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