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Album Review - We’re All Mad Here - Victoria Carbol - 2018

Another random find on Amazon Music Prime New Releases thingy, described as alt-folk, which tends to be used to describe a large number of new albums these days. Still not to be discouraged as I’ve found some great albums so far by browsing it, so I it a go.

Kicking things off, we have ‘Welcome to the War’ a moving yet haunting tale. Victoria’s voice adds a sense of urgency to the whole thing. Next, we move into the track ‘Tattooed’, picking the pace up to foot stomping speed. A sound that reminds me of early Beth Jean Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny (now known as D-Blonde).

‘We’re All Mad Here’ the title track comes early in the listing; again, changing the pace by moving back to the style of the opening. A look on everyday life and how it just seems, a little mad! ‘You Don’t Own Me’ is more akin to a protest song, maybe aimed at an old flame, who, judging by the song, was a little over dominant and had jealously issues.

‘Bury’ is a more traditional folk style outing and, as with the more folky songs on the album, is one of the better tracks. ‘Unwise’ harks back into the realms of light folk-pop before moving into a more ‘Florence & the Machine style folk-rock with the track ‘Kingdom Come’.The rest of the album, barring the final track, sees ‘Wayward’, ‘Keep on Marching’, Atlas’, Far From Human’ and ‘Smoke on the Horizon’ keep up the folk sub-genre hopping, going from light folk-pop to psychedelic to folk-rock. The last track ‘Give Me Years’, returns to a more traditional sounding song and provides a pleasant end to the album.

With all the different styles on this album it could have derailed, that doesn’t happen however. In the end, it’s an interesting listen and has some genuinely fine songs, defiantly living up to the title of the album and refusing to settle for a single style. We're All Mad Here, is well worth your time and is a good listen for fans of folk music.

I’m unable to find a website but you can check out more on Victoria’s YouTube Channel

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