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Album Review - Uptown Fank - Peat & Diesel - 2019

Uptown Fank - Peat & Diesel - 2019

At long last I got to reviewing ‘Uptown Fank’ by Peat & Diesel, an album that’s been on my play list since I moved to the Western Isles. These local lads are:

Calum ‘Boydie’ MacLeod (Guitar & Vocals)

Innes Scott (Accordion)

Uilly MacLeod (Drums)

Formed in Boydie’s house one evening after meeting for a jam and some wee drinks, they posted a video online of Boydie jamming, within hours it had gone viral and they exploded, deservedly, onto the scene.

A truly energetic Folk Punk band, they’re a breath of fresh air. You can see a BBC series on their stunning rise to worldwide fame, it’s called ‘Peat & Diesel - That’s the way we do it! OR you can just listen to their album and know just why these island lads are becoming the powerhouse of Folk Punk in the 21st Century.

The album itself consists of ten tracks, written mostly by Boydie, when not busy with his day job. Right from the offset with ‘Country Boy’, they pump out their high beat, tongue in cheek sound, with tales of life in the Outer Hebrides. While mostly in English, there are a number in the local language, Gaelic (I really need to start learning the national language!).

This is continued over the entire album, tales of looking for love, work, friendship, the weather and the other struggles of the daily grind are put across in such a relatable, true to life way, you can’t help but see yourself in their tales. Boydie’s vocals seem to be talking directly to you, almost as you are sitting in the same room having a wee drink, yet it never becomes clichéd. More likely, through the combination of his unique voice and the high energetic sound of Scott & MacLeod, you will have a smile set firmly on your face.

On an album without a single weak track it’s hard to pick out a standout track, but if I had to, it would be ‘Stornoway’, or ‘Western Isles, or maybe ‘Salt & Pepper’…no they are all great and after a few tracks you will be a fan, no matter where in the world you are. Check it out for yourself as it’s a sure-fire way to brighten up your lockdown.

Stay Home & Stay Safe.

For more information on Peat & Diesel have a look at their website.

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