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Album Review - Times from Times Fall - Fara - 2018

Times from Times Fall - Fara - 2018

Fara, hail from Scotland and were not only finalists at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Wards in 2017 but winners of the German Critics award in the same year. Consisting of the following talented artists on release of the album:

Jennifer Austin - piano, vocals (On album but no longer with the band) Kristan Harvey - fiddle, vocals Jeana Leslie - fiddle, lead vocals Catriona Price - fiddle, vocals

Roey Matheson - Piano, Keys

What stands out the most, listening to the album, is the mythical feeling engendered; one of wonder, of sweeping mountainsides covered in heather and mist shrouded forests. Dark deep lochs and bright welcoming villages dotted around in an untamed wilderness. No other music in the world, for me at least, manages to give the listener such a clear vision of the country that inspired it, in quite the same way as the music of the Bonnie Isle.

Fara have managed to capture this, and while for the most part, keep to the traditional style we expect from Scottish music, they bring a fresh new layer to it. A perfect example of this is ‘Miss Rosa Sermanni Holmes/Vintage Pals/Upside Down Under’. It has a familiar tint to it but there is an exciting edge, something new to explore that others fail to create when tackling roads well worn.

Even on tracks such as ‘Frances’ Day’ where the style is much more self-reflecting, there is that scintillating feeling, just on the edge of the sound; something that makes it Faras' sound and not simply just another Scottish Folk song. For me it shows the love the band have for their Music and their Country. It’s irresistible and contagious, and while satisfying in itself, it produces an urge to go out and explore more, not only of their music, but the influences behind it.

‘Times from Times Fall’ captures everything I love about Scottish folk and then heaps more on top. While it can be considered traditional, Fara, manage to still sound new and exciting. There's no question in my mind, the album deserves its place on any Folk lover’s playlist and Fara, deserve the praise this album has garner for them.

For more information on Fara, check out their website.

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