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Album Review - The Weight of Melted Snow - French for Rabbit

French for Rabbit, hail from the beautiful islands of New Zealand. This five-piece band have been on a roll as of late with worldwide tours, international praise and the release of ‘The Weight of Melted Snow’, in 2019, to rave reviews. I’ve finally caught up and have had a good listen to this album over the last few days; will they stay on my playlist? Well, read on to find out!

This twelve-track offering kicks off with the otherworldly sounding title track ‘The Weight of Melted Snow’. This sets the scene for the album, with haunting music and softly congenial vocals combining into a chilled out sound that's as sweet as honey.

© French for Rabbit

This feeling continues, at a steady pace, throughout the album, rarely threatening to alter into something that would upset the equilibrium of the tone French for Rabbit have crafted.

That’s not to say there is nothing to think about or they have nothing important to say, they do, it’s just they tell you their story in a relaxed style. Without the need to raise their voices, they still manage to make this an emotional, stirring listen.

© French for Rabbit

French for Rabbits, take you through the trials of family, love and hope. While still tackling with loss, sadness and indignation with such a gentle yet potent creatively that you come out the other side in an enlightened state of mind. It’s a pleasure to listen to their music, to such an extent, that it becomes an exuberant, even addictive experience.

The Weight of Melted Snow’ is now permanently placed on my playlist, as well as firmly embedding itself in my subconscious. Check out more about French for Rabbit, on their website here.

© French for Rabbit

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