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Album Review - The Sea is My Brother - Harbottle and Jonas - 2019

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

The Sea is My Brother - Harbottle and Jonas

Where searching Amazon Musics' (other streaming services are available) new folk releases, I came upon a rather cool looking album cover, it was for Harbottle & Jonas, ‘The Sea is My Brother’. I thought I would give it a quick listen, that was about a month ago and I’m still listening to it daily.

Devon’s, Dave Harbottle & Freya Jonas, are not only a multi-instrument folk duo but are Husband & Wife. I only mention this, as the seamless way they intertwine with each other, both through their instruments and harmonies, produces a sound like no other in the 21st Century.

This I believe may, in part, be down to their closeness as friends, yet I would say it has more to do with them being lovers, truly sharing life with each other, as I can’t recall emotion like this in a piece of music for many, many years.

Their sound is firmly rooted in traditional English folk, yet, feels more alive and relevant to the 21st century than anything I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this millennium, I do not say this lightly. If ever an album of music could be described as modern, contemporary folk, then this is it. In all honestly, if I could be so bold as to suggest, ‘The Sea is My Brother’ is the definition of said style and sound, firmly setting the bar for others who would follow in their footsteps.

Harbottle & Jonas give us eleven stories, they take us from coast to coast, through happiness, grief, tragedy, self-reflection and renewed hope. A stirring and moving piece of history and while the stories are, for the most part, taken from their own personal experiences, they are so perfectly presented you can’t help but share in them.

No matter your mood, this album commands your attention and will reach inside of you, touching your soul and leaving you just a wee bit wiser and a heck of a lot more fulfilled. Thinking back, it’s the first time I’ve truly felt or been moved by an album so much since, Bruce Springsteen’s, masterpiece, ‘Nebraska’.

Check out our interview with Dave Harbottle, here.

For more information and tour dates have a look at their website here (sadly no dates in the Western Isles).

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