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Album Review – The Queen of the In Between – K. C. Jones – 2021

With her origins in the richly musically gifted folk of the Appalachian Mountains we have K.C. Jones, known for her work in the Grammy nominated band Feufollet. The hugely talented multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, now residing down in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, brings us her solo album and it's a real cracker.

A unique mix of Country and Jazz the influence of nearby New Orleans is strong in K.C's music but the history of the Appalachian Mountains still holds true throughout. Over this comes K.C's, crystal smooth vocals, like a beautiful dream.

© K. C. Jones

The album itself kicks things off in a rush with 'Beginnings and Ends'. This track has a strong Modern Country swing before the metamorphosis starts and slowly but surely, by the time we get to the third track 'I've got Time', we start to hear that unique blend coming into existence. By the time we reach 'Bring the House Down' it's fully formed on silky wings.

K.C. Jones spins us yarns from love to loss and sadness to pure joy, and everything in between. The album is a study of Human emotions and their affect/effect on those around us. It's a complex story told with the ease of a master storyteller and it grips you from the first note to the last. From the strong Jazz sounds of 'Bring the House Down', itself a tale of anguish and despair, to the reflections of a soft tale 'I didn't Mean It'.

© K. C. Jones

K.C. Jones The Queen of the In Between is out now on all good streaming services; for all the information you could need have a wee gander at the links below.




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