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Album Review - The Perfect Plan - The Lowest Pair - 2020

The Perfect Plan - The Lowest Pair

Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee, are the people behind the hard working and consistently good, The Lowest Pair. Fine tuned over five albums, and a lot of touring on both sides of the pond, we have finally arrived at their 6th album, The Perfect Plan.

‘How Far I Would Go’ opens the album with a drifting dreamlike sound, almost as if you just catch it on a light breeze, as the mountain mist starts to clear in the morning sun. Coming from a world familiar, yet strangely alien, at least to us over this side of the pond, yet, still comforting, it embraces us like a shroud.

The Lowest Pair, then bridge into their second track ‘Too Late Babe’, a continuation of the dreamlike ambiance. I'd say that ‘Too Late Babe’ is, without the slightest hesitation, one of the best musical creations I’ve ever heard. It has come so close to knocking Bruce Springsteen’s ‘River’ off my greatest song of all times list. Both sound and lyrics are astounding, letting your imagination run wild, drawing you so deeply into the world they are creating, you won’t want to leave.

‘Wild Animals’ and ‘Shot Down the Sky’ keep you firmly held, while ‘Cast Away’ suddenly, yet gently, awakens you next to the ocean, shifting the landscape around you, before you even notice. This continues throughout the rest of the album, with your world shifting around in the mist, while you float along willingly on the journey, no matter where it ends and really that's only limited by your own imagination.

With the striped down sounds of banjo and guitar, the strong yet soothing vocals from, Kendl Winter and the equally talented, yet softer vocals, from Palmer T. Lee, create a wondrous harmony. The Lowest Pair have created a perfect experience. An album that should, and no doubt will, go down in history as a benchmark for American Roots music.

2020 is shaping up to be a strange, and horrific year with so many deaths. The consumer orientated, egocentric 'normality' is suddenly and abruptly halted. Somewhere in the darkness there will be a glimmer of light, a respite, a new way forward, a chance to reflect and learn from that past, should we choose to take it, and music has so often been the harbinger, comfort and companion of change and recovery, throughout history and across cultures.

Leading the way forward, musically, out of a fake plastic past, littered with auto tuned talent less models masquerading as musicians, constantly and consistently producing the same tired repetitive “song”, we have had Harbottle & Jonas stunning example of English Folk, with their album ‘The Sea is My Brother’, and now we have the masterpiece of American Roots with, The Lowest Pair’s, ‘The Perfect Plan’

For more information on The Lowest Pair, have a hop and a skip over to their website.

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