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Album Review: The Lay of the Land - Lydia Cole - 2017

Album Review: The Lay of the Land - Lydia Cole - 2017

Originally from Kingsland, New Zealand and now residing in Berlin, Germany, Lydia Cole is a singer/songwriter and brings us her new album ‘The Lay of the Land’.

Kicking off with ‘Dream’ we are quickly introduced to her strong, haunting music and calming, dreamlike vocals. The peacefully flowing track immediately takes us out of our body and allows our minds to wander with her as she spins her tale.

‘The Fool That I Am’ a tale about self-learning and hope, keeps the unique meditating sound that flows through the album. ‘Telepathise’ continues this even though the pace of the album increases slightly. It’s hard to explain how Lydia’s music effects the listener, it’s beautiful and uplifting yet at the same time, calming in its simplicity.

‘Time is a Healer’ and ‘Sober’ keep up the newly hastened pace, while telling tales from a personal view point; experiences Lydia wishes to share with the listeners. ‘The Bell of Love’ brings a sharp jolt to the album in terms of pace yet, is still in keeping with what has gone before. In my opinion it is also the 'stand out' track of the album, one that I want to hear again and again.

‘Glimpse’, while a simple song, still manages to capture the imagination of the listener, allowing us to see the story in our minds eye. ‘Brave’, is a trickling beck, winding its way down a scenic valley, as beautiful as it is simple.

The album concludes with the title track ‘The Lay of the Land’ an instrumental that reinforces the whole meditating dreamscape sound of the album; which allow us to truly free our minds from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

Lydia Cole has created a truly stunningly beautiful album. The entire experience is a calming one that allows us, the listener, to leave our bodies behind, as we follow her on a journey through a blissful dreamscape, before gently leading us home with renewed vigor and an uplifted spirit.

You can get more info on both Lydia Cole and where to buy her album on her website.

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