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Album Review - So It turns - Rachel Sermanni - 2019

Rachel Sermanni is a critically-acclaimed and legendary singer-songwriter from the Highlands of Scotland. From her debut E.P to her fully fledged albums ('So It Turns' is her third), Rachel Sermanni, has haunted and moved people with her unique voice, musical style and marvellously crafted Dreamscape Folk songs.

As I’ve been lucky enough to meet Rachel Sermanni, on a number of occasions over the years, I can say that Rachel, is always welcoming and the experience is always humbling. Yet, with Rachel’s music, you never know what to expect, the only thing you know for sure is it will be stunningly told tales from her uniquely beautifully point of view and they will come from her heart and soul.

© Rachel Sermanni

From the opening lines of the soft and flowing ‘Put me in the River’ you know without a shadow of a doubt, this is her most personal work to date. The sound is also more in line with Rachel Sermanni’s debut, ‘Under Mountains’, rather than the darker but equally excellent, ‘Tied to the Moon’.

The Jazz influence heard throughout that debut makes a welcome return to her newer work in the form of ‘See You’ and stays for the remainder of the album. ‘If I’ and ‘Wish I Showed my Love’, take you on a journey of regret and lost love, the wanting you feel after something you care deeply for, has long past.

© Rachel Sermanni

What Can I Do’, is, in my humble opinion, the stand out track of the album. One of the most deeply moving, haunting and inspiring songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening too. It’s Rachel Sermanni, at her best, a masterpiece in storytelling.

Many artists may have trouble following up such a strong track, not Rachel Sermanni. She simply shifts to a totally different feel, switching your brain to where she wants it, without a second's hesitation.

© Rachel Sermanni

The rest of the album is as equally honest, soul-searching and beautiful as the first half, changing from Jazz inspired Folk, to the Dreamscape Folk, Rachel became known for. Covering all the things that may weigh on the mind; from relationships and religion to the constant upheaval of the political landscape.

Reaching deep within her heart and soul, Rachel Sermanni has, in my opinion, delivered her best album to date. It’s every bit as moving and inspiring as her other works, yet, it’s a much more mature sounding album, than anything she has done so far.

© Rachel Sermanni

Tackling those issues that other genres of music either avoid or skim shallowly with a minimum of effort, Rachel Sermanni, refuses to shy away. The album is not a lecture, nor is it preaching at you, it’s just how one Human, feels about this mixed-up world. A window into a mind, besieged by myriad questions, the unknowns, that swirl around us all.

Given the way 2020 has turned out, it feels more in touch with everything than a single thing you will find on the news or pounding away in the charts.

For more information about Rachel Sermanni, you can find her website HERE.

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