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Album Review – Simple Syrup – Sunny War – 2021

Sunny War is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, USA, entered 2021 with a much loved and critically acclaimed album, 'With the Sun' (issued back in 2018) already to her credit; coincidentally that was when I first heard Sunny's work.

Now three years later we have her new offering, 'Simple Syrup', an album I was extremely happy to see appear in my inbox for review. I would also like to mention that in her spare time Sunny War has set up a vegan food distribution centre for the homeless. So not just a talented artists but a kind and pure soul as well.

© Sunny War

'Lucid Lucy' breaks open Sunny War's new works, with the beautiful simplicity of an acoustic guitar and a cello, drifting in like a warm breeze. Sunny's soft vocals are like a safety blanket wrapping around you, unassailable by the horrors of the world. The feeling of a haven you can disappear into, to hear Sunny's warm words, to hear her stories, one on one, with no one to disturb either of you.

It's not an album that backs away from the stronger emotional parts of life, as songs such as 'Like Nina', it's just that Sunny War tells it in a comfortable style. There's no need to scream and shout like a child, just talk like a adult.

© Sunny War

Whether it's a self reflecting look or about watching someone slowly destroyed through a mental illness, it's about the message. The style of the music used fits this so well, laid back yet emotionally grown up. Some parts are folk and some are contemporary Jazz, while others a mix of both. The music blends with Sunny War's soft vocals flawlessly, her message never obscured.

Simple Syrup is a beautiful album, one crafted with thought. It's an album that keeps you safe while bringing you into a conversation about some of the darker aspects of life. It is one I would recommend without a moments hesitation.

Simple Syrup is due for release on the 26th March 2021.

© Sunny War

I would also like to take this time to bring to your attention Sunny War's non-profit Food Not Bombs involvement. Sunny War uses her own time and money to give back to those still living on the streets as she once did. Handing out vegan meals to those barely surviving on the streets of Los Angeles, a problem that not only affects L.A but, especially in this current pandemic, millions across the world.

© Sunny War

You can find more about Food Not Bombs and how you can help with this international movement at the following LINK

For more information on Sunny War, have a wee look at these links:




A big tapadh leat to Devon Léger from Hearth PR for sending me an advance copy of the album.

Stay Safe - Stay Well - Peace & Love.

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