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Album Review - Old Crow Medicine Show - Live at The Ryman - 2020

Old Crow Medicine Show - Live at The Ryman

Well it’s no secret that O.C.M.S are the greatest band in the world today; amazing musicians bringing some of the freshest yet familiar Bluegrass music to the world, on what can only be described as nearly perfect albums, every single time.

If you hadn’t been lucky enough to see them live, then you’re really missing out on the true, O.C.M.S, experience. Fortunately for us all, their new album, ‘Live at The Ryman’, is a great taste of that live sound they are so famous for. Strangely, for a band that is such a tour-de-force on stage, this is only their fourth live album. It is, I’m happy to say, not only the best live one out of the lot, but without a doubt, one of their best albums full stop

Recorded live at the ‘Mother Church’ of Country Music, The Ryman, Nashville, Tennessee. The album includes eleven tracks from their shows between 2013 - 2019. It also features a number of familiar faces among O.C.M.S fans, as well as artists such as Margo Price (also amazing live, I hasten to add).

Track wise, it’s very much a ‘greatest hits’ album, including as it does, some of their most famous and beloved songs. As an added bonus, there are some covers of legendary tracks such as, Tennessee Ernie Fords', ‘Sixteen Tons’ and Ada R. Habershons', ‘Will the Circle be Unbroken’.

After all is said and done, for fans of O.C.M.S, Bluegrass, American Roots or Country, this is a no-brainer. Whether you buy it or stream it from your favourite service, you need to listen to it. If you’re a fan of folk and not sure of the best way to give Bluegrass a try, this will drag you into the scene, dancing, singing and foot-stomping as you go. Just remember to drink more corn liquor and leave the cocaine alone!

Old Crow Medicine Show are touring and they are coming to the UK, sadly not the Outer Hebrides, still one can always hope, it’s only a small(ish) drive and ferry ride from Glasgow, I mean if they can get from London to Glasgow in one evening, then anything is possible!

For a full list of their tour and to buy tickets, wonder over to their website.

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