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Album Review - Live at Acoustic Roots - Harbottle & Jonas - 2020

Updated: May 19, 2020

I’ve described Dave Harbottle and Freya Jonas’s, debut album, The Sea is My Brother, as the definitive English Folk album of the 21st Century, a standard that all others will now be judged by; I stand by that. Yet, an album recorded in a controlled environment with 21st Century technology at hand, can sometimes create a misleading image of a singer or band. As the late, singer/songwriter, Colin Hinds, once said to me, “to really know a band, you need to see them live” (he also added, “not one of those mimed plastic shows, mine you!”).

© Harbottle & Jonas

With a wee bit of luck, we now have Live at Acoustic Roots, so, if you haven’t managed to see them live or are patiently waiting for this pandemic to go way, you can now see if they really are, as good as they sound on their studio album.

The album contains ten songs, a mix of writing from their own hand, and some traditional ones. A perfect way to see just how well-crafted and timeless their own writing is, compared to, those songs that we continue to remember from our past.

© Harbottle & Jonas

Listening to this album seems to slow the world around you, as if time itself has paused to listen in. Temporally transported to a warm fireside you watch on as Harbottle & Jonas, bring beautiful harmonies, soaring music, light-hearted banter, and friendly conversation forth, and combine them into a wondrous imagery from a lost era. Playing with your emotions throughout, you’re fully in the hands of these bards until they release you, so you can float slowly home with the memories lingering in your mind.

If that all seems a wee bit heavy, it’s just that, to me at least, there doesn't seem any other way to describe them. The simple fact is, you don’t merely listen to Harbottle & Jonas, you experience them with all your senses in synchronised perfection.

© Harbottle & Jonas

With Live at Acoustic Roots, Harbottle & Jonas, have continued to be the benchmark of English Folk in the 21st Century. All I can do is hope, that, those who follow, take note and step up their game.

You can grab a copy of this amazing album from their Bandcamp site here.

For more information from Harbottle & Jonas, have a look at their website here.

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