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Album Review – Henry Martin – Edgelarks – 2021

Edgelarks are an English Folk duo from Devon, consisting of the super talented Hannah Martin and the equality amazingly talented Philip Henry. I've seen them live a few times and have played their records until worn out. So you can bet I was looking forward to their new work which is finally out.

Before the review however I have a small bone to pick with them. Having spotted on their Instagram that they were on the Isle of Harris last year but didn't come over to the Isle of Lewis for a gig, I'm a little upset. However, I shall not hold it against them as I give my thoughts on their new album.

© Edgelarks

Henry Martin kicks off with 'Greenwood Laddie', a clear declaration of the albums style and pace. It's a song of longing, wanting and love, Hannah's voice floats across a more Folk Rock sound than I had expected from them. Yet, it really works, it's close to the early days of Springsteen or Steeleye Span in style but still retains their own perfectly crafted sound.

'Locks and Bolts' is a wee bit mellower, blending English Folk with a Bluegrass influence. Their ability to amalgamate different sub-genres is something to behold, a trademark of such talented artists, who clearly love what they do.

© Edgelarks

This continues throughout the album, taking pieces from across Folk, mixing the tradition with the modern, sculpting a sound no other singer or band comes close to. It's uniquely Edgelark, fresh, reflected, wondrous and above all an emotional kaleidoscope of beauty with boundless passion.

'Henry Martin', 'Queen Amongst The Heather', 'Bird in a Cage', no matter the song, each is it's own world, they are one act in a longer story, playing out in your head as you listen. Every song creates a symbiosis with the next to produce an unmistakable whole.

© Edgelarks

There is no one else like Edgelarks, they are two Bards whose ability to create a phenomenal album is something many can't come close too, 'Henry Martin' continues this tradition, when 'Edgelarks' is playing through your headphones, time stands still.

You can grab a copy of the album from their Bandcamp page HERE

For more information have a look at their website HERE

© Edgelarks

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