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Album Review - Folk Heroes - Green Heron - 2018

Folk Heroes - Green Heron

Scott Heron & Betsy Heron, with a guest appearance from Adam Shultz, recorded their first album 'Folk Heroes' live in a barn, you really can’t get more folkie than that!

You may have already seen my review of their 2nd album (You can read it here), I heard that for the first time on a stunning sunny morning, walking through the countryside, here in the Na h-Eileanan Siar (Western Isles).

I write this review after watching their Thursday, live stream. It’s now 02:30hrs and there is a storm raging outside, because the weather here changes on the flip of a coin. Yet, as the sunny day fitted ‘New Pair of Shoes’ so well, the storm fits their debut ‘Folk Heroes’ equally so.

Seven tracks make up ‘Folk Heroes,’ kicking off with a storm of a song (sorry), ‘In Due Time’, a foot stomping Bluegrass track, that sounds like it’s been around from years. That’s one of the main appeals of Green Heron, their love for the history and culture of their music, no matter where in the world it comes from, results in beautifully told tales, that feel like they have been around forever.

Continuing with ‘Back Road Smile’, they switch effortlessly into American Country for the 3rd track ‘Skies of Blue’. Their mastery of song writing and their multi instrument talent, allows for a smooth restful sound, like the eye of a storm (again sorry, I can't help it).

It’s this and their love for their music that allows for their wondrous tales to flood your mind’s eye. It’s so easy to get lost in the world they create with their songs. I find myself sitting back with my eyes closed being shown around a land, thousands of miles away from me with such clarity, it’s almost like a memory.

The album returns to Bluegrass with ‘Cuckoo by my Window’ and ‘Maggie Lee’, before they showcase their Irish roots with a medley of songs; ‘Wagoner - Back Up and Push - Richmond Blues’. The album then ends on the beautiful, ‘Folk Heroes’, a song that once heard is never forgotten.

While their second album ‘New Pair of Shoes’ was a warm stroll through the countryside, their debut (sorry for doing the album reviews backwards!) ‘Folk Heroes’ is a storm raging outside, while inside the people have gathered around the fire to tell each other the stories of their hopes and dreams.

It reminds me of when I was a wee lad in Little Langdale, going to the barn dance, the band playing these songs of strange lands that seems a world away, yet familiar, meanwhile people were drinking, dancing, laughing and gathering around the bonfire outside. Sharing good times and the feeling of community with each other, pure fun had by all, memories being made that will (and have in my case) last their entire lifetime.

Green Heron are live streaming throughout the lock down / worldwide pandemic every Sunday and sometimes even more, please check them out, events are on their Facebook page here.

For more information on Green Heron, have a wander over to their website.

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