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Album Review – Flashlight Faces - Flashlight Faces – 2021

Well my inbox is ringing with so many albums being sent from all over the world, which is great, it's a nice break from the farming stuff so when one comes in from the aether, well...I'm gonna put that one on first!

Flashlight Faces self-titled album comes with a brief description; “a collection of nocturnal garage ballads and electric folk”. That's not really something I can say I've heard before but it is a fun way of putting it. I would say it's more like the love-child of the Psychedelic Folk band Mirkwood and an early Pink Floyd that was into Dreamscape Folk when growing up, which if you have read my blog before, you know I love.

© Flashlight Faces

The opening track 'Hear the Horn' sets the pace right away, its eccentric and slightly off-centre keys combined with a marching beat creates a world reminiscent of something from Tim Burton's imagination. It's delightfully dark with fog covered moorlands, a lot like my home at the Port of Ness in the long winter months. It's not all unconventional in its delightful weirdly unique way, 'People's Road' for instance has a more indie sound, but P.J.B's vocals still hold it the right side of irregular.

Flashlight Faces for me fits neatly into that experimental/psychedelic dreamscape folk sub-genre with ease. Its peculiar, fun stories of haunted cars and strange happenings are something unexpected but welcome. Don't get me wrong, this isn't one of those 'comedy' things; Flashlight Faces are serious when it comes to the music, but this album is a more light-hearted exploration of the unknown.

© Flashlight Faces

The darkness doesn't need to be scary, the creatures that move in it are happy and safe as it is, after all, their home. This is an offering from that side of life, one that moves through the shadows just out of your line of sight, with that odd shape in the fog bank to your left, and it's fun.

If like me, you are into your Dreamscape Folk, this is an album worth grabbing. If you are not familiar (I know you missed the puns so they are back for one week only!) with the sub-genre then this is a safe and entertaining way to experience the more accessible side of it. There are still the structures and sound that are in music from other parts of Folk but there is the beautiful queerness and other-worldliness of Dreamscape insinuated throughout the album.

I personally love Flashlight Faces self-titled debut album and I'm sure many others will as well; give it a try and embrace the darker side of Dreamscape Folk.

You can listen and grab a copy for your own price over on their Bandcamp page below:


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