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Album Review – Feet on the Floorboards – Green Heron – 2021

Betsy and ScottHeron make up Green Heron, an AmericanRoots duo from New Hampshire, NewEngland, over in the USA. Their music showcases a mix of American Roots, Traditional Folk, Bluegrass, Irish Folk, English Folk, Scottish Folk, Country and Blues, all carefully blended together, to create what can only be described as a delightfuly jovial sound unlike anyone else currently treading the boards.

It's been two long years since their last album, New Pair of Shoes, and to say the world has changed a wee bit since then would be an understatement. More now than ever we need some sunlight breaking through the storm, so step up Green Heron and let's see what you have to offer us.

© Green Heron

Firstly I'm please to report that the unique Americana Roots style that GreenHeron has crafted over the years is as strong as ever from the get go and with 'Sad Because I'm Blue' we are treated to the old style Country/Bluegrass sound with an Irish touch.

While the song brings back memories of Hank Williams or JimmieRodgers, there is still a fresh vein running throughout. Something new and something that instantly tells you that you're listening to a Green Heron number. Those glimmers of self reflection and raw emotion carefully crafted into the fabric of the stories being told, give the album that personal touch we have all come to love from their music.

© Green Heron

The album itself is a more down to earth one when compared to their others, but given the current situation the world finds itself in, that's to be expected. Feet on the Floorboards doesn't suffer as an album because of this, on the contrary, there is still the joy and happiness, as well as the dancing jigs, to get us up and swinging each other around the dance floor at possibly unsafe, alcohol enhanced speeds.

We are reminded about those we may not have seen for a while, the meetings with friends which we once took for granted. The manner and way of life we're no longer privileged to enjoy; the one we yearn to return to once life allows us to do so.

© Green Heron

As the albums continues along its tracks we start to move away from all that and look into the future, the good things in life we can share once more with each other (like this album!), the Irish blood flowing deep in Green Heron veins starts to show and the joyful humour creeps to the forefront once more.

Giving us two dancing tunes with 'Foggy Morning' and 'Drunken Gosling / Stone's Rag' to bring the final act of the show to a roaring conclusion, we are brought that hope we so long for right now and just shows that Green Heron know their audience well.

Ending with a waltz 'When the Blue Meets the Ocean' it's easy to imagine everyone swaying back and forth with a loved one while Betsy's haunting vocals and Scott's skilful picking brings the curtains down on another stunning album. What we are left with is an incredible album that is one heck of a strong contender for album of the year.

© Green Heron

Feet on the Floorboards is out now on all good streaming service or you can grab a copy from Green Heron direct on their Bandcamp page, link is below.






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