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Album Review – Country Supper – Robert Connely Farr – 2020

Robert ConnelyFarr is a singer/songwriter from the small town of Bolton, Mississippi. Currently he calls Vancouver, British Columbia, home. This is important for two reasons, first off, Bolton is in the area which calls one of the first genres of Blues, known as Delta Blues, it's birthplace.

Secondly, it's the contrast of going from a small town of just a few hundred people (Thanks Wikipedia) to a massive city like Vancouver. I've been to Vancouver and it has one heck of a lively music scene.

© Robert Connely Farr

This change and experience mixed with the historical roots of Blues from his home town, creates one gorgeous and ebullient sound. We just have to look at Robert Connely Farr's critical acclaimed 2019 album Dirty South Blues for proof of that.

Country Supper is a continuation of Robert's exploration of Blues from his origins and across the mighty Mississippi. Opening the album with the pulverising and wandering 'Cypress Grove', Robert is immediately transporting us to that dirty tough life of hardened downtrodden folk that scape a living in the yards spread across the banks of the Mississippi. It's fantastic, just grabbing the listener and carring them along on the journey with him.

© Robert Connely Farr

It's a journey that doesn't let up, from his take on Henry Stuckey's (made famous by Jimi Hendrix) 'Catfish' , to Robert Connely Farr's own ' I Ain't Dyin' ' and 'All Good'. Robert gives us glimmers of those resolute lives being lead by the hard working folk of the Deep South.

Hang on a second this is a Folk blog, James! Well, it depends on how you define Folk but let's not get into that debate; it's not just Blues being explored here. Take Robert's song 'If it was up to me', we are treated to a more Americana / Country sound while still retaining those downtrodden tales the Blues are famous for.

© Robert Connely Farr

There are other tracks too; 'Lately' is a more Modern Country sounding song and 'Bad Whiskey dabbles with the Altcountry sub-genre. This all flows perfectly together like the Mississippi herself; what we get in the end is an album that gives us a motion picture in our mind's eye.

A scenic all-encompassing, uncompromising, straight-talking Blue / Folk Rock album that needs to be listened too. One that calls out for your attention then earns the right to be heard, over and over. It's a wonderfully created album that is a showcase of the honest sounds that are Delta Blues and Root level Folk.

© Robert Connely Farr

Country Supper is out now, so go have a listen, you won't be disappointed.

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