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Album Review – American Standards – Ian Fisher – 2021

Ian Fisher is a singer/songwriter; originaly from Missouri, USA, he swapped his home country for Austria, Europe. A veteran of the road, Ian has toured across North America, Europe and Africa, absorbing the culture and adapting it into his own work.

First impressions of the album come to us in the form of 'Maybe a Little More'. Starting with a cross between Electronic Euro Pop and Modern Indie Folk; to give you a reference point, imagine the truly awesome French band, Superbus (Lola, Butterfly) and The Decemberists (The Engine Driver, On The Bus Mall) with a dash of good old Nashville thrown in for good measure.

© Ian Fisher

It's a refreshing sound, as befits an artist who has travelled widely and experienced different music from across the world. It's not just the sound that catches your attention, the lyrics also add further depths. There is a wanting in the words, something that griped me and filled me with an energy; akin to the feeling you get when you want to do something more than just sit around while the world flies by.

'AAA Station' is a look at how music is dictated by money rather than talent. Great songs by artists with something to say are ignored for the plastic throwaway crap that fills the airways.

'American Standards' has Ian Fisher looking back at his home, his past journeys and his feeling about what is happening in these crazy times.

Ian Fisher, brings in many different sub-genres throughout; from the Euro Pop, modern Folk, Roots to good old fashioned Country Music. Weaving them into a sound unconfined by the parameters of a single genre.

© Ian Fisher

That wanting is deep within the album, a constant subconscious drive to seek out and experience new things, better things. Yet, it's not all about the future, Ian reflects on the things he's seen and on the current situation in his country of birth, America.

'Be Thankful', for example, is a statement that Ian would do the same again, not changing anything, happy to meet the people and experience the cultures he has seen, all over again. Yet, there are thing you can learn from, change, for the next time that situation may arise.

'Three Chords & The Truth' is another example of this. A love lost, a chance missed, that good that slipped through your fingers, looking at what happened and learning from that. The same could be said of the final track 'Ghosts of the Ryman' but this time it's about his roots in Country music.

© Ian Fisher

'AmericanStandards' is a hard album to tag with a single genre, here is everything splendidly blended together to bring a truly refreshing feel to the Folk genre. With all that said, the most important thing is that the album is a really good one.

Expanding into other genres works well in this modern Folk album and that is all down to the understanding of the source material, Ian Fisher has understood it well. It's an album that I personally will enjoy over and over throughout the years and one that I feel won't age. Even twenty years from now, it will still be fresh, it will still be relevant.

© Ian Fisher

'American Standards' is released on the 19th February 2021, so stick a reminder on your phone.

For more on the album and Ian Fisher, take a look at his WEBSITE

A big thank you to Devon Léger from Hearth PR for sending us a preview of the album.

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