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Album Review – American Silence – Chris Pierce – 2021

Chris Pierce, is a Soul/Folk singer-songwriter, a man whose music is from his soul, shaped and moulded through the real adversity he has faced in his life. This is not simply a music album, American Silence, at it's core, is what Folk music is about, it's a story and a conversation.

It's an examination of life experienced, laying out what has happened and what is happening. A gathering of actual facts from situations involving us and those around us, presented to the listener in the form of the reasons they happen and how they might be changed.

Chris Pierce - Photo by Mathieu Bitton ©2021

Not through a hashtag, not by throwing an overpriced coffee at someone, not by screaming Nazi in the faces of any who disagrees with you, not by using hate against hate, but by listening to the facts and acting, on the facts. Chris Pierce opens this conversation with a question in the form of 'American Silence Is A Crime?'.

He asks a simple but poignant question, will you listen and if you do, will you sing with me, because simply making a post on social media and patting yourself on the back changes nothing, silence doesn't bring change; talking and educating does.

Chris Pierce - Photo by Geoff Whitman ©2019

'Sound All The Bells' follows on, now you are listening, willing to pause and hear the hardships a fellow Human has lived through for nothing more than the colour of his skin. Not as a sermon, there is no preaching at you here, there is just a conversation.

Chris sings:

'I can lead you on the path – It's not my job to do
If you really want a change. The answers up to you'

Take heed of this, a request not to just take note and then mindlessly follow whoever is screaming the loudest. Think about the following and then speak up with your own mind, united as one is not the same as being shepherd by someone.

Chris Pierce - Photo by Mathieu Bitton ©2021

'One time a cross was burned, in our own front yard
I was only five years old, but it sure left a scar'

Take a second to think about that. Imagine you're five, all innocent and full of life. Then some full-grown adults come to your house and threaten your life as well as your parents.

Imagine looking through your window at these people placing a massive cross in your front garden/yard, threatening to put you on it, then setting it on fire.

It's not an image I want to imagine, but one must, because it happened and is still happening. Nothing will change unless we look long and hard at these acts of hate and speak up to stop it.

Chris Pierce ©2021

I could go on, each song that Chris Pierce sings, is a multi-layered, complex part of a greater picture. All this combines to give voice to the unquestionably dire situation that faces some of us in the 21st Century.

The history, the current situation and the future, all explained in a passionate but thought-provoking way. There for us to hear, to dissect, to discuss, then offering ways we can speak up, ways we can move together to stop this illogical, indescribable hate towards our fellow Human Beings.

If you really think about it, it seems almost laughable that someone would hate another just because their skin is a different shade, at the baseline, there is just no reason that matters.

Take the skin from Chris Pierce and the skin from me or you, you will find we are the same underneath, just a bag of gore, organs and bones, there is nothing different.

Chris Pierce - Photo by Ross Kolton ©2020

Chris's voice alone may not change the world, at first, but together, with your voice, my voice, the voices of all people no matter their colour, creed or cultural heritage, combined, creates an unavoidable tsunami of objection that even those deaf to the hardship of others outside their personal bubble can no longer ignore.

With 'American Silence', he is inviting you to a conversation that needs to be had. Simply humming along before walking away, well do that and nothing changes, nothing is heard, we are just damned to repeat the past all over again, to continue this inhuman circle of hate and ignorance.

I'm not here to write an essay and you haven't come here to hear me preach. Chris Pierce, however is worth your time and his album 'American Silence' really needs to be heard.

Chris Pierce ©2021

So, I'll leave you with some lines from a song off the album. 'The Bridge of John', a tribute to an American Statesman and Civil Rights Leader, John Lewis.

'Cause Baby, I'm walking,

Across the river to something true,

And maybe, oh just maybe,

You could be walking too.'

American Silence is release 26th February 2021. You can find out more from Chris Piece website HERE

Thanks to Devon Leger from Hearth PR for an advance copy of the album.

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