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Album Review – Alive & Ok – Jeremy James Meyer – 2021


Jeremy James Meyer is back, coming off the fantastic Taco Tapes: “trad is rad” collaboration with Ben Walden, we have a brand new solo album Alive & Ok., featuring a number of friends in the form of Caitlin Jemma, Matthew Neal Shultz and others.

Brick Wall Blues” kicks the album off, a lively cross of Blues, Rock and Roll, as well as Country Roots. With nods to artists like Chuck Berry and other greats, the sound may be familiar but it's also uniquely different. There is a rawness, a undercurrent of energy bursting through, lighting up the room.

© Jeremy James Meyer

It's an excitement one normally only feels with watching and listening to an artist live, it's not something that is easily captured on a record, even one that has been recorded live. Adding to the great sound is the soothing guest vocals from Caitlin Jemma midway through the track.

We are still on the opening song, so as you can imagine the album just gets better. Even on the slower tracks such as 'Rinestoned Cowboy' that tripped (ah the puns) out energy, still rips through like an unstoppable river. It's mixed with a brazen sense of unadulterated fun, clear from the outset Jeremy James Meyer and co are having a whale of a time.

© Jeremy James Meyer

This all translates into the experience, it's as if Meyer is giving you a solo gig, speaking to you personally which makes the best kind of Folk music. It gives the album an extra personality that is rarely seen in 21st century music. Whether it is a Rock n' Roll Country blitz such as 'Woodshop Rock' or a slower more traditional style Country track such as 'Test of Time' the same care and love for his craft comes through.

© Jeremy James Meyer

2021 is shaping up to be massive for Folk music from all the different sub-genres and Jeremy James Meyer's Alive & Ok album is another bloody good entry into that. It's resplendent with the sheer love, joy and energy Meyers has put into it and that puts this album firmly in place as one of the best this year so far.

Your life will be enriched and your soul refilled, so check it out on all good streaming service or grab yourself a copy right now, links are below.





Thank you to Sean Jewell from American Standard Time Records for the review copy.

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