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10 Questions With The Salts

The Salts, are one of the most exciting Folk bands on the UK circuit right now. Taking original material and traditional songs, some of them centuries old Folk/Sea Shanties, they then fuse this together in a fresh unique sound, not only bringing them bang up to date but making them relevant to today’s audiences.

Taking time out from their seclude, Brian Doran, has answered our Ten Questions With, for your reading pleasure.

1. Who are you?

The Salts:

Brian Doran: Vocals - Mandolin - Whistle

Lee Collinson: Vocals - Banjo - Acoustic Guitar

Jeremy Hart: Vocals - Acoustic Guitar

Richard Nash: Vocals - Drums

Tim Cantrell: Double Bass - Vocals

© Tim Bastock

2. How would you describe your music?

Folk Rock, Sea Shanty

3. What inspires you?

Great traditional shanties we can reinterpret.

4. What can we expect release wise?

We just put out an Acoustic video on Facebook. Lockdown has delayed new recordings.

© The Salts

5. Are you Live Streaming in the Pandemic?

Not as a band. Jeremy & Lee have posted a few solo songs. Brian has created Beyond 6 Strings & Live Streams every Wednesday 7.30pm.

6. Why did you take up music?

A life without music is unthinkable. It has just always been there.

7. How to do set about writing/creating your music?

Someone finds or writes a song & we play around with it at rehearsals. Lee is generally the music arranger. He has a very good ear for our 5-part vocal harmonies.

© The Salts

8. If the world was ending and you could only listen to one last song, what one would it be and why?

Too difficult. I have tried to narrow it to 8 songs like Desert Island Discs. I cannot even to that. I love such a variety of music.

(Ed. Normally, we put the video of the song here, so instead, for your viewing pleasure, here are The Salts, doing an amazing version of South Australia.)

9. Any funny/weird stories or experiences from your tours?

We joke that the Salts never do normal gigs. We have played gigs with metal bands, rappers, comedians and tribute act. A very early gig was in a garden. The home owner paid us with a cake with a ship on it. You have to start somewhere....

10. How do you want to go out, a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion?

Alien Invasion. It would be nice to know we were not alone in this cold, vast universe. Before they kill us with their death ray.

© The Salts

Another huge Thank You, to Brian Doran, for taking the time to speak with us here at Folk Horror. For more information on The Salts, you can find their website here.

Stay Safe, Stay Well & Stay In - Peace & Love.

For more information on the COVID - 19 pandemic, please check out your local government website & NOT silly fake news on Facebook, YouTube or Reddit posts!





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