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10 Questions with Damh The Bard

Updated: May 20, 2020

We here at Folk Horror, have managed to get an interview with the legendary Bard himself, Damh the Bard. One of the main reasons, why I love folk so much, was growing up to his music and stories, so it’s extra special for me to read his answers.

For those who don’t know, Damh the Bard, is retelling, ‘The Four Branches of Y Mabinogi’ (find out more about these historic writings here), Part One and Two are already out and Part Three is due out on the 1st June 2020. You can pick them up, as well as his other works, from his website site, here.

1. Who are you?

What an existential question… 😊, I am Damh the Bard, a Druid/Bard/Folk musician and storyteller.

2. How would you describe your music?

My music has been described as Pagan Folk music, or Mystic Folk.

3. What inspires you?

I take my inspiration from the land, from the ancient sacred sites that lie all around this awesome little island, from the myths and stories, Pagan Lore, Nature Herself. 4. What can we expect release wise?

I’m just about to release Y Mabinogi - The Third Branch, the third album of a four album series that will tell the entire Four Branches of the Mabinogion, the oldest written tales of this island. Then I think I’m going to do a music album again, before (Y Mabinogi) Branch Four.

© Damh the Bard

5. Are you Live Streaming in the Pandemic?

I am indeed. About every two weeks on my Facebook page (Here). It’s been quite remarkable. I wondered if you could capture a live atmosphere through streaming, but it seems you can.

I don’t charge for them, they are an offering to the community and to my fans, and they aren’t polished live concerts either. I’ve tried to capture the idea that I’ve come along to play a house concert in your living room.

What’s been amazing are the videos I’ve been sent of people watching. Some have set up their home cinemas in their gardens by a fireside. It’s been quite remarkable. The 'tip jar' has also helped.

© Damh the Bard

6. Why did you take up music?

It was always my first love. I was never into football like a lot of my school friends. For me it was T Rex, Sweet, Slade, Status Quo, with some John Denver, for good acoustic measure.

7. How to do set about writing/creating your music?

Writing wise it’s most often the music first. I love a good melodic hook, and once I have that I ask the song what it’s going to be about.

To get inspiration I’ll go into the woods and commune with the Spirits there, or head to somewhere like Dartmoor, with my guitar and go to a stone circle to write.

I record all of my music in my home studio and for that I have an iMac, Logic Pro, and an Apogee Duet interface.

© Damh the Bard

8. If the world was ending and you could only listen to one last song, what one would it be and why?

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. I’ve listened to that song countless times, but even now it gives me goosebumps. It’s the perfect song. The way it moves from the minor chord verse, to the major chord chorus. Genius song writing.

9. Any funny/weird stories or experiences from your tours?

I had a crowd-surfer when I played in Prague - great things often happen in Prague. I saw this chap climb on the stage and thought, oh, he’s going to dance on stage. But no… He moved forward, the crowd moved forward, and he jumped. Luckily, they caught him and off he went. My gigs in Prague, are like Heavy Metal concerts, even though it’s just me, a guitar, and a stomp box.

10. How do you want to go out, a Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion?

Alien Invasion, I think. I watched way too many Romero films back in the day...

We want to say another massive Thank You to, Damh the Bard, for taking the time to speak with us.

You can get more information about, Damh the Bard, on his website here.

You can tune into the live-streams on, Damh the Bard’s, Facebook page here.

Stay Safe, Stay Well & Stay In - Peace & Love.

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